Monday, 7 October 2013

Let's Go Bowling

We were going to go to the Harvest Festival at High Park with the minions and their cousins this Sunday, but it was really rainy so we decided on an indoor activity instead.  Chris thought that the activity I proposed was inappropriate, as if I'd suggested to taking the children to a three hour opera.  I'd suggested 10 pin bowling, with the bumpers up and that we go with: a seven year old, a five year old, twin two year olds and a one year old. 
Here's what we learned while bowling with an army of munchkins:
  1. Most bowling shoes for kids start at size 8.  If your kids feet are smaller, you may be able to talk staff into letting them bowl in their runners.
  2. Your daughter may insist on wearing her rain coat the entire time you bowl.  Don't fight it, embrace it.
  3. The bowling balls will move down the lanes at a glacier pace.
  4. There will often be more balls in the lane than pins standing, all moving at above-mentioned glacial pace.
  5. Your toddler may insist on waving and saying, "Bye, Ball! Goodbye!" each time they throw one down the lane.  It's only polite.
  6. The purple ball is the best.
  7. The purple ball stolen from the lane next to you is even better. 
  8. The older children's patience will be tested as their turns are stolen by over-eager toddlers who will throw many balls down the lane screaming, "BALL!" crazed like a Cookie monster touring the Mr. Christie factory.
  9. It is possible for a bowling ball to move around the pins, when it is going slow enough.
  10. One bowling game for five children can take an hour and a half.   Bring snacks.

 I'd say overall it was a chaotic success, however I'm not signing anyone up for a junior league any time soon. 

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