Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Love Song for a Vampire

Halloween is kind of a big deal in our house.  Unfortunately last year our festivities were dampened by daycare plague and Jack quite literally turned into a zombie.  This year I'm optimistic will be better, because it kind of has to be.

Since it is October we've begun to dress the minions in some Halloween themed shirts and are teaching them how to say "Trick or Treat" for when we go and visit our six neighbours who they know.  So far they can both say "Treat", not totally shocking. 

Below are three stories to help get kids and adults in the mood for one of my favourite times of year.

Favourite Halloween Story for Wee Ones:

Vunce Upon a Time - J.Otto Seibold
This is a story about Dagmar, a vegetarian vampire with a sweet tooth.  When Dagmar runs out of candy his friends tell him about this wonderful tradition called Halloween.  He sets out in the scariest costume he can find (garlic) amongst horrifying creatures (human children) in order to satisfy his sweet tooth.

One of Chris's favourite (childhood) chapter books:

Bunnicula - A Rabbit Tale of Mystery - Deborah & James Howe
 A mystery/comedy about the new pet in the house who doesn't quite fit in.  Harold the dog and Chester the cat set out to find out the truth about Bunnicula, a rabbit with fangs.

 For Older Kids (who don't scare easy) or Adults:

Coraline - Neil Gaiman
After their family moves to a new town Coraline feels ignored by her parents.  She begins to explore her new apartment and the old house around it and discovers a small door.  When she opens the door she finds herself in the Other World.  Despite numerous warnings, Coraline is enchanted by the Other World and the Other Mother who pays lots of attention to her.  She soon learns the truth about the wicked Other Mother.  Can Coraline save herself and her parents from the evil Other Mother before it is too late?

If you have any other suggested Halloween reads, please let me know, we're always looking to expand our library!

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