Thursday, 3 October 2013

What You Waiting For

Before I go on a tangent inspired by Alan Cross's blog on Rock Star Mom's and work life balance, I want to promote Alan's music blog because it's amazing.  I don't have many celebrity crushes*, but I have a number of nerdlebrity** crushes who I'd love to hang out with and befriend.  Fortunately I have had a chance to talk to Alan once or twice while I was doing research for what later became a Three Day Novel Contest novella written by my friend "The Granken" and I entitled, Finding R.S., a coming of age story about a rock journalist and her friend obsessively searching for an ageing rock star.  Alan is both approachable and knowledgeable.

Life for the past few weeks has gone by really fast.  Like Ferris Bueller fast.  I've had some evening work events and once you add in chores to make sure that we have groceries in the house, it's utter madness.***  I've felt that by the time we get home from work, break-up a couple toddler fights, drink some tea, play a few games, make and eat some supper that it's almost time for bed.  We then allow the minions their daily half hour allocation of television.  While the kids are distracted Chris and I scurry around like Chicken Little: running baths, loading dishwashers, washers, selecting bed time stories and picking out pyjama's and clothes for daycare.

It doesn't help matters that Molly has become obsessed with TV, and wants more than we're prepared to allow; throwing (surprise, surprise) tantrums when she doesn't get her way.  Only she doesn't call it TV she calls it TB and yells, "More TB, Want TB!" It's hard not to laugh when you try to explain to your daughter that she probably doesn't want Tuberculosis, that she wants television and that you won't allow for either.

The Old Days, when Entertainment was a tube of diaper cream and a plastic ant.

Articles like Alan's where Gwen Stefani talks about how you can't really have it all provides me some limited comfort knowing that someone who hired Japanese women as fashion accessories/dancers also feels she can't have it all as a mom with a career.  Although I'm guessing she isn't rummaging through drawers looking for two clean(ish) matching pairs of socks while her children watch The Backyardigans.  I imagine she delegates that to the Harajuku Girls.

If you have any tips on work life balance, or convincing my daughter that she doesn't want strains of mycobacteria attacking her lungs, I'm listening.

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*James Franco, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Junior and Alec Baldwin.  I have yet to determine my fifth for my list.
**A nerdlebrity is someone mildly to moderately famous who I really want to hang out with, have a few drinks with and learn from based on their expertise on things I think are cool, interesting or want to know more about.  My nerdlebrity crush list includes: Alan Cross, Chuck Klosterman, Douglas Coupland and Gretchin Rubin.  I have been blessed to be able to connect with two of my nerdebrity crushes, albeit briefly.
***I'm lying we don't have groceries in the house right now.  I ate a tin of Zoodles for dinner last night and Chris ate brown sugar beans.  We do however have clean towels.

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  1. Ah, the elusive work-life balance. I think EVERY working mom has to find their own sweet (guilt-free) spot for this. I'm actually doing a month long blogging challenge and guess the topic I chose? Yep, work-life balance.