Thursday, 31 October 2013

Splish Splash - A Halloween Story

It's raining like crazy today in Toronto and will likely do so all night, but that's okay.  Instead of building an Ark this Halloween I'm thankful for the expertise of veteran parents I know, the interwebs and the great strides and inventions that have occurred in Halloween related products since I was a child in the 1980s.  Below are the Halloween inventions/life hacks that I am thankful for, hopefully they will also help you this Halloween or next.

  1. Clear garbage bags for rainy Halloween nights to wear over costumes means no complaints from your kids that no one can see their awesome costumes under rain coats.
  2. Spray in hair colour that washes out.  In 1981 my mother and my older sister had an epic battle because my sister wanted to colour her hair orange to make her Bat Girl costume "more authentic".  My mom refused to let my then eight year old sister dye her hair orange, but instead sewed orange yarn as fake hair into the hood of the costume.  My sister looked more like a Muppet than Bat Girl, as did I five years later when I was Mary Lou Muppet  Bat Girl in my hand-me-down epic fail of a costume.
  3. Polar fleece and good warm long johns that can go under costumes.  This prevents having to put your butterfly wings on over top of your winter jacket. 
  4. Bright (neon) coloured tapes, arm bands, glow sticks and stickers to integrate into a child's costume so they can be seen by cars while they trick or treat.  I'll never forget the year my mom tried to convince me to wear an orange crossing guard pinny over top of my costume.  This is one of the only childhood battles I ever remember winning.
  5. Tea lights with watch batteries to fuel them instead of wicks. This prevent burns and rain or wind from impacting their glow.
  6. Travel mugs that parents can fill with warm tea or "Irish" coffee to keep us parents toasty while they take their kids out to Trick or Treat.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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