Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Time for Beer!

One of the times that I missed drinking the most while I was pregnant was St. Paddy's Day because I had to skip my nice dark Guinness and settled for a Dad's Root Beer instead, still good but not nearly as satisfying.

 I love fall and everything orange, yellow and Halloween, I also love the dark beers harvest and Halloween beers that come out this time of year!  So in celebration of the long weekend and my autumn vacation I picked up some dark ales and wrote some reviews.  If you aren't interested in beer, you may want to check out the giant pumpkin photos below!

 If you don't seek Pumpkin Beer, but are looking for somewhere in Toronto to pick out a pumpkin that's a little more exciting than your local grocery store, go to Plant World.  The pumpkins cost a little more, but your kids can play inside a giant pumpkin.

Enlightenment, Great Punkin
Origin - New Zealand
Boasts recipe including "New Zealand Fuggle"
Dark, High alcohol ale with dark amber red colour, initial taste red wine.  No pumpkin taste.  Pretty sure I hate fuggle, whatever it is, because this beer was heavy on my tongue with a chemical plastic smell.  I couldn't finish it.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale
Origin - New York
This beer is the ale answer to fruit beer with a refreshing pumpkin and spice taste.  It's as if Belgium fruit beer married an ale and it's bliss.  The $2.50 price tag doesn't hurt either.

Spooks Ale
Traditional ale, tasted like a coffee porter.  Good Halloween party gift for an ale fan host.  If you like Mill Street Coffee Porter and want something seasonally spooky, this is your beer.

Spoiler Alert, there may be a few more reviews to come this autumn.  Enjoy!

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Jack inside the giant Jackolantern.

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