Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Becoming the Queen of Hearts

It's been a while! I know that it's past Halloween, but I figured I'd post this year's Halloween costumes because I am really proud of them, and people may be inspired for future costumes. 

This year Molly and Jack helped me out a lot more with planning out their costumes, which was amazing! 

Becoming the Queen of Hearts

Most retail, store bought Queen of Hearts costumes ran for around $40-$100 depending on quality and detail. I enjoy making the costumes, and usually can do so for a little less money.  

Here's how we did it.

First, we found the dress. Ours was a used Flower Girl Dress that we bought from Value Village for $5.99

Next, we went to Michaels and bought some black fabric dye for $6.99 with a 40% off coupon, which came to $2.80. Because of the sheen of the dress, we ended up having to dye the dress twice, as the first time it was grey, and we wanted it darker. The iron on patches we used for various parts of the costume (dress included) were $13.99 at Amazon for 24 iron on patches. 

The pashmina we found in the dress up bin at Nana and Papa's, the red gloves we purchased from Dollarama for $1.25 and the boots we got at Value Village for $4.99. Each item was decorated with the remaining iron on patches.

To make the card crown and collar, I purchased two headbands from Dollarama. The small collar one was $1.25 and the bigger one for her head had a small Halloween hat on it was $2.49. I also bought two decks of cards from Dollarama at $1.50 each. I went online and found a tutorial to show me how to mature and build the hat and collar, using a glue gun and staples to secure everything. The heart and feathers and gems were left over from Valentine's Crafts.

To make the scepter, we used my old Glinda wand from last year and repurposed it by gluing on an old Valentine's decoration from Nana and Papa's and some leftover playing cards.

This is the costume all together. Molly also found a red sash that she thought popped, so we added that. The costume received all sorts of compliments on Halloween, and I think it's one of my all-time best. Because it rained on Halloween, Molly carried a red umbrella to keep herself and her cards dry. Overall, a costume I'm really proud of. The total cost was roughly $36 plus tax. All of the costume has gone into our dress up bin, save for the boots which Molly will likely rip the patches off and wear any time.

Photos of Molly and her costume shared with her permission.