Monday, 9 May 2022

Happy Mother's Day 2022... I'm still Sorry!

I'm a little late this year, but that doesn't mean I can't still celebrate my mom. So, it's time for my annual apology letter to my mom. It's become apparent over the years that children have given me new perspective on my childhood. So, here we go....

Image courtesy of Reader's Digest

Dearest Mother,

I am so incredibly sorry for....

  • never appreciating all of the coordination it took to schedule our medical appointments, social activities, extracurriculars and more

  • forgetting to clean up the sink every single time I brushed my teeth

  • parks and recreation registration day. I imagine in the 1980s and 1990s you had to stand in line and do it in person.

  • throwing my coat on the floor instead of hanging it up.

  • years of braces, the time required to take to me appointments for braces, and the costs associated with said braces

  • fighting (loudly) with my siblings whenever you were on an important work call

  • leaving dishes in my room no matter how many times you tell me to stop eating in my room

  • shoving all the clean clothes that you have painstakingly folded for me haphazardly into any old drawer

  • subsequently complaining that I cannot find a specific item of clothing that I need because it's shoved into the back of the wrong drawer

  • leaving garbage in the car

  • shoving my car garbage into the sides of the door when I get in trouble for leaving garbage in the car so as not to be "caught"

  • having to be told to have a shower

  • having to be told to wash my hair after I've had said shower

  • leaving my towels on the floor or on a freshly made bed

  • asking about snacks while you're in the middle of a nap, exercise, work, or something important, knowing very well that dad is relaxing and I could just as easily ask him

  • every time you helped me with a school project, or study for a test and I didn't thank you

This is just a small snippet of some of the many things I am thankful for.

Thank you for everything you did for me, continue to do for me, and my kids.