Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Season of the Witch - My Homemade Ursula the Sea Witch Costume

Being a princess is fun, but being a villain is better.  This year I decided to go out as The Little Mermaid Villain, Ursula the Sea Witch.  You know, this fabulous white haired lady, octopus, bad guy, you get the picture:

Halloween Costumes DIY
Image Courtesy of Enchanted America

Making Tentacles:

Took two pairs of old pantyhose, drew on tentacles using fabric paint ($8.49, and I have plenty left over for other winter crafts), let it dry, stuffed them with cotton stuffing that my mom generously donated, and used some craft wire from Dollarama ($1.49) to curl them up at the end.  I then secured them to a thin belt I already owned with safety pins.

Halloween Costumes DIY
Tentacles in progress

 For my hair I teased it up on top of my head secured it in a bun, and used a bunch of white Halloween hair spray ($5.99 Value Village).  I then topped it off with a crown ($5.99 Value Village), and the legendary necklace Ursula wears when she steals Ariel's voice ($1.99 for the necklace, glue gunned to another old necklace I had, and painted yellow with basic craft paint)

The Little Mermaid
Ready for my evil close up
Here's where I failed, the make-up department.  I purchased cheap ($1.99 white Halloween face make-up, and purple $1.99) to mix together and wear on my face, chest and arms.  Since it was $1.99 product, I got what I paid for and it went on really splotchy, so I had to take it off and start all over again.  See my epic fail below.  Bought the blue eyeshadow from Shoppers Drug Mart for $4.99 and used Mac red lipstick, eyeliner for my brows and trademark mole, and baby powder to lighten my sea witch skin.

I've been told a primed would have helped with this, but it wasn't worth the time for me so I just started again.

Here is the final product, and I'm pretty proud of it $29 without make-up fail, $33 with (plus applicable taxes).  Add in a trident, or some potions, or her sidekick pet eels if you want to get some extra accessories with your costume.

Halloween DIY costume
Happy Halloween!