Tuesday 12 December 2023

Holiday Movie List 2023

It's been a long while, but I'd like to get back to some personal writing and sharing about our life through Molly and Jack's tween/teen years (with their permission). 

Each November, we create a list with the kids of Christmas movies and holiday specials to watch with the kids and alone, just the adults. Nowadays, the kids watch almost everything we do (with a few exceptions). Below is a list of holiday-themed content we've been watching and plan to watch over the next few weeks. I've put an X beside some new ones we've tried for the first time this year that weren't very good and won't be watched again and a tree beside items as we watch them.

If you have any suggestions, please provide them!

Image Courtesy of TV Guide

 Family Specials and Modern Classics

Charlie Brown Christmas Original Print (Jack Special Request through internet archive)🌲

Garfield Christmas🌲

The Simpsons Marge Not Be Proud🌲

A Claymation Christmas

The Grinch (1960s) cartoon🌲

Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol🌲X

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Christmas Movies

Home Alone

Home Sweet Home Alone🌲

Elf 20th Anniversary Celebration (in theatres)🌲

Christmas Vacation🌲

Nightmare Before Christmas


Family Switch 🌲

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Romantic Comedy Christmas

Let it Snow🌲

Holidate (Molly and Sara)🌲

The Holiday🌲

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Newish Specials & Movies

Violent Night 

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special🌲

The Muppets Family Christmas

Spirited 🌲

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Christmas Horror Movies (these are all Jack)


Santa Jaws🌲

Anna and the Apocalypse🌲

It's A Wonderful Knife (Restricted)

Silent Night

Red Snow (Vampires and Christmas What could go wrong)

13 Slays Until Christmas🌲X

Once Upon a Time at Christmas

A Christmas Tale

A Christmas Horror Story🌲

Adult Holiday Specials

South Park (Christmas in Iraq episodes)🌲

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Cheesy/ Hallmark Christmas Movies

A Merry Scottish Christmas

A Season for Family