Wednesday, 19 September 2018

40 Things I've Learned at 40

A few days ago I turned 40 years old.  Many people have asked me how I feel about this milestone, and so far I'm really happy about it. I managed to celebrate with family and friends and had a wonderful dinner with the kids.  With milestone birthdays people often ask if it's bothering me.  The short answer - no.  That being said, a new decade has made me reflective on lessons learned, particularly those since I turned 30!

Here are 40 Lessons Learned at 40

Me - the night of my 40th Celebration

  1. Read the extra bed time story.
  2. Find a dentist you love and go regularly.  Dental work is expensive, protect your teeth.  This is something I wish I'd done more of in my 20's.
  3. Find something active to do that you love to help reduce your stress levels.
  4. Be wary of the sale rack, and make sure you love something before you buy it.
  5. Let go of friendships that have passed their expiration date.
  6. Remember you don't always have to bake the cake for the school sale.  Be the mom who buys the cutlery and saves time.
  7. Sleep with your cellphone in another room.  It's not worth the distraction.
  8. If you can outsource the chores you hate most.
  9. Every time you buy something new, donate something you already own to help reduce clutter.
  10. Enjoy the little things, like climbing into a bed with a freshly cleaned set of sheets. 
  11. Book time in advance to see your close friends, otherwise it will only happen at kid related functions.
  12. Run errands at lunch to free up your evenings.
  13. Tell people you love that you love them.  Often.  It takes no time.
  14. Text that friend who you know is having a bad day, week, or even month.
  15. DVR favourite shows to skip ads and get to bed a little earlier.

    A Cake Made by Molly & Dad

  16. Most of the things you worry about will never happen.  I'm still working on this one.
  17. Back up important computer files, one day your system will crash.
  18. Use a calendar, digital or paper to avoid double booking.
  19. Buy comfortable shoes that look great.
  20. Invest in a raincoat and warm winter coat to help you keep active in bad weather.
  21. Listen to music while you cook, it makes it more fun.
  22. Write down the strange and wonderful things your children say to show them when they're older.
  23. Make to do lists.  It's good to cross things off, and to it keeps you for forgetting.
  24. Make a grocery list, not more trips to the store.  
  25. It takes the same amount of money to keep the gas tank half full as it does half empty (that's one from my grandfather)
  26. If you're feeling cranky take a walk.
  27. If that doesn't work take a nap.
  28. Get rid of the clothes you don't fit into from high school.  Even if they fit, they're outdated.
  29. Get into photos with your kids, no matter how you look.
  30. Give trusted friends spare keys.  They'll come in handy.

    A Less Child Appropriate Cake as designed by my good friend E.
  31. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  32. A good babysitter is worth their weight in gold.  Treat them like that.
  33. Make your own traditions.  Even if they're small, like backwards dinner.
  34. Find your power hours to get work done. Schedule meetings for times outside of these hours to get more work done.
  35. Don't trust anyone who is rude to service staff.
  36. Thank your parents.
  37. Not everyone will like you, but some people will love you to pieces.  Focus on them.
  38. Sometimes there is no going back and that's okay.
  39. Don't begrudge how you got there, work on where you're going.
  40. Take care of yourself first, put your oxygen mask on first, then help others.

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