Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wildflowers - Book Review, How to Raise a Wild Child

Growing up, some of my fondest memories take place outside, I imagine and hope that many cusped Gen Xers/ Millennials feel the same way.  In early years, these memories took place in my backyard, eventually moving to the ravine, park, and surrounding area.  On our annual trip up north each year we'd spend hours searching for clam shells, swimming, balancing on giant air plane tires and falling into the water almost as often.  At night we'd play "Wolf", essentially a game of hide and seek where you had to howl like a wolf every so often to help give clues to the person who was "It".  Parents were always nearby, but never helicoptering, and it was great!

I want the same sorts of experiences for Molly and Jack, despite us all living in the city (and not the suburbs 25 years ago), which is part of the reason I was intrigued by Scott D Sampson's book, How to Raise a Wild Child, The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature.  Don't get me wrong, we love living in the city, but want both kids to develop a strong appreciation and love of the great outdoors.

You might recognize Dr. Scott from his role as resident paleontologist, on air host and series science advisor, on the hit children's television show Dinosaur Train.  This show is known for the tag line (created by Sampson's wife), "Get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries."   In his book he discusses ways and benefits of getting children involved with nature at any age, with specific focuses on early childhood, middle childhood, and tween/teen years.

Sampson discusses Nature Mentoring Tips, and practical applications, and stories from his childhood and life with his own children to help inspire.  While I feel this book has more to offer for parents with slightly older children then mine, there are some great tips on small ways to get your children more involved in nature at any age, I'm pretty proud that we already practice a lot of Sampson's tips for Nature appreciation for little ones with the minions, although I imagine most people who haven't considered the importance of outdoor activities for their children probably won't read this book.

This book touches on the tip of the iceberg about the unhealthy increase in screen time our children experience, paired with extremely limited free play and time outside.  The lifelong love affair with media starts early with 47 percent of children aged zero to one watching TV or DVDs and those who watch spending an average of nearly two hours a day of screen time.  Older kids today spend an average of more than seven hours each day in front of electronic media, and in sad contrast only four to seven MINUTES each day in unstructured outdoor activities such as climbing trees, building forts, playing hide and seek, tag, or riding a bike.

Molly and Jack on a hike fall 2015.

Sampson talks about embracing outdoors as close to home as possible by spending time in your backyard, keeping a bird feeder, and finding daily space to enjoy nature with your kids.  His book also touches lightly on the awesome Bienenstock (Natural) Playground trend, and provides sample unstructured and organized activities (like family nature groups, visiting farms and geocaching) to help increase your families time living life, and balancing a love of nature with modern technology.

If you're looking for some ways to get everyone in your home outside and offline a little more I recommend picking up a copy from your local library, bookstore or Amazon, particularly if your kids are in the eight to 13 age range.   The book also provides an interesting examination of older kids (and at risk kids) and increased involvement in nature as a great way to build confidence and practice safe(r) risk taking.  I'll probably reread it in a few years, after the first time one of the minions asks me for a cell phone.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Such Great Heights - Dealing with Children and Disappointment

I've dropped the ball twice in the past week when it comes to parenting and planning.  The first time came this past weekend when we took the kids up north for a winter wonderland type weekend with their cousins.  Because we've gone sledding with the minions in the past, I assumed that they'd be both big enough physically and mentally prepared to handle tubing on a rather large hill at Horseshoe Valley.

From the moment we arrived at the resort Jack began to fret about hitting the hill, asking all sorts of questions.  On the morning of the scheduled event we discovered that the minions would be the minimal height to participate in this winter activity, but just barely (I'm talking that if someone was slouching even slightly, they wouldn't be allowed to participate).

I sent Chris out to do some recon with the older cousins and talk to the people working the hill to find out what age most kids are before they jump on a giant inflatable donut and hurl themselves down the hill.  Chris called me from the base of the hill to let me know that most kids are five or six, but usually six before they conquer a hill like this, but we were welcome to try.  Chris and I thought about the minimal price for this experiment, where both kids would need to commit to going down the hill solo.  I asked Jack, and he flat out told me that he would only do this if he could ride in Dad's lap. Decision made - this adventure stopped before it even began.  We may have given it a gamble had the minions successfully tobogganed earlier this year, but there hasn't been enough snow (not that I am complaining).

The older kids and adults spent two hours tearing down the hill and had a blast.  I stayed back with Molly and Jack and we watched a movie together instead, but I still worried about them feeling left out. The cousins came back and we all had hot chocolate, lunch, and then went swimming at an indoor outdoor pool together.

Jackie enjoying a mid-winter swim

It wasn't even until the morning we were leaving that Molly enquired about the tubing, "I thought we were going to go down a snowy hill in a giant donut?" she asked.  Chris and I explained to her that she wasn't quite big enough yet, and probably next year.  She shrugged, "This weekend was sooo much fun!  Can we go back again next year?"  And that was it.  I couldn't believe it!

This week I made special arrangements for Molly and I to go to a family yoga class together, I had my parents pick up Jack from his after school program early and got myself ready for some quality mother daughter time with my girl.  I looked up the schedule and location of the studio before I went to pick up Miss Molly only to realize that I had mixed up the days of the classes.  There was no family yoga and I had messed up.

When I arrived to get Molly she jumped into my arms and announced that we were going to yoga class together as a special treat.  I cringed.  We got to the car and I explained how I screwed up and that we'd go together next week.  I apologized, profusely and asked her if she wanted to go and get some flowers from the grocery store as a peace offering.  She was gracious, she was kind, and understanding.  She smiled and touched my arm, "It's okay mommy.  It was an accident."

As we rounded the corner at the grocer I saw the empty bins where the flowers were supposed to be. Son of a b&#$h!  I pointed to where the flowers were supposed to be and asked Molly if she wanted some Smarties instead.  She happily agreed.

I have been bracing myself to deal with managing disappointment and the minions, but really it's been about managing my own expectations.  They are just happy to be given time, and memories, and do something unusual or get some undivided attention.

I am both a worrier and someone who has been known to work events up in my head with expectations that can't possibly be met.  Maybe it's time to take a lesson in chill and gratitude from a pair of four year olds.  There's plenty of time for them to be zipping down a hill solo.  Right now I'm going to enjoy that they want to sit in our laps, snuggle and eat Smarties, cause what could be better then that?  Not much.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dream Weaver - Methods of FIghting Back Against Nightmares

We're lucky enough that nightmares aren't a daily, or even weekly occurrence in our house, but they still happen from time to time.  Sometimes it's something that they saw on TV, most recently it was concern over the ghost of Christmas Future in Disney's Mickey Mouse infused Christmas Carol.  The first time the minions watched it, no problem, and I have to admit I was skeptical because I remember being terrified of the cigar chomping Ghost of Christmas Future when I was little.  I was relieved and figured that the advent of Mickey Mouse Club House in our home put the character Pete in a positive enough light that the kids "just knew" that he was trying to help Scrooge McDuck become a better man, err duck.

Then they asked to watch it again, just after the New Year.  So we looked it up on YouTube and watched it.  Unfortunately for us, the version we watched prior to Christmas was the super duper edited CBC version, the YouTube version was a little more scary ghost focused, completely uncut. So there were nightmares.

For anyone who doesn't believe that Disney can be scary, I challenge you to have your children spend some time with The Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog or the Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  

The Headless Horseman

Molly was up with nightmares about Pete, and him pushing Scrooge into a hole (grave).  How did I let my four year olds watch something involving someone shoving someone into their own cemetery plot and expect dreams of rainbows and sunshine?  Parent fail!  I might as well secure a giant poster of the Wicked Witch of the West to the ceiling above her bed.

The Ghost of Christmas Future Courtesy of  Disney Wikia

Jack's nightmares seem to be a little more imagination focused.  There's a giant duck with teeth who seems to be a recurring theme in bad dreams there.  I wonder if he's ever come across Count Duckula without me knowing?

Either way we seem to have found a way to keep repeat nightmares from becoming recurring episodes.  A few years ago Grandma purchased Molly and Jack a dream catcher from a shop in BC for their bedroom.  It hangs up high, by the window.  We explained to the minions what it was there to keep good dreams and catch bad dreams so they go away.  Recently we decided that it was time to make it an active part of bad dream prevention, rather than just an idea. In the morning after a bad dream or a nightmare we throw the bad dream into the dream catcher so it won't return.  

Nowadays, the minions actively seek out the dream catcher to dispose of any nightmares.  So far, it's worked quite well.  While the dream catcher doesn't prevent night time interruptions of sleep, it does seem to have us avoiding back to back nightly double features. 

What do you do to prevent nightmares in your home?

To explore other bad dream prevention measures click here.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Hanging Garden - Exploration of Oakville Municipal Greenhouse

One of the weekend activities we started last year to help beat the winter blahs and blues was regular trips to local greenhouses.  Greenhouses provide a warm, picturesque, and bright space to enjoy on even the darkest and gloomiest days.

Shortly after the Christmas break we went to enjoy the holiday display at Centennial Park Conservatory, and plan to return again in early February when their new display is arranged and "in full bloom".

Photo from the 2015 holiday display at Centennial Park Conservatory

This has become one of the minions, particularly Molly's, favourite winter activities.  They love to explore the facilities, show us the displays, features, and flowers they like best.  This past weekend we decided to explore outside of the city and visit the Oakville Municipal Greenhouse.

The space is beautiful, but small.  It was a pleasant, but short visit for us because there wasn't very much square footage of greenhouse to explore.  I would recommend this space to anyone with an infant, who lives in the area, or who wants a quiet retreat with a cup of warm tea.  While pretty, this is not the place to expect a lengthy explore with four year olds.  I would also say that, unfortunately, the staff was far less welcoming, and acted inconvenienced by our presence, compared with other facilities we've visited in the past, despite the greenhouse being a public space and the minions being on their best behaviour. The Oakville Municipal Greenhouse is open daily from 9AM-3PM and there is free parking for visitors.

 Turtle in the pond.

 Exploring the bridge

 Taking a look at the waterfall display.

 Molly showing me the purple flowers, the ones she liked best. 

While I'm glad we visited, I don't think we'd return unless we had another activity planned in the immediate area.  Since the minions were expecting a little more greenhouse time we took a 10 minute drive over to Sheridan Nurseries, while much more commercial compared to a public greenhouse, was a welcome place to look at their plant displays, enjoy their indoor pond, and purchase a daffodil for Molly and cactus for Jack.

The pond display at Sheridan Nursery

To read about our visit to Allen Gardens Greenhouse last winter, click here.

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Resolve - 10 Un-resolutions that will make your life better

Some people aren't big on resolutions, I never made them at all until a few years ago.  This year I'm still working on my mine, but they probably are more likely to fall into the category of goals for 2016. Whether you jumped on the New Year's resolution bandwagon and are staying strong with the "the new year new you", or have been sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix with your floor covered in beer empties and your body covered in chip crumbs, there's still time.

A lot of the reason resolutions, diets, and lifestyle changes don't work is because it's too big of a change too soon, or too much of a disruption.  Below are my list of 10 possible un-resolutions to help you start off the year on the right foot.  The best part, the time commitment for most of these is a minimal, one shot deal.

Molly, deep in thought.

1. Try a throw things out challenge (or donate, or recycle)
I came across some articles and blog posts about this over the past few weeks and some of them are pretty inspiring.  There is the 30 day throw things out challenge, where you get rid of things, every day for a month #30DayGetChuckedChallenge. Here's the thing, you don't have to do it every day. Just do it for an hour, a day, a weekend, a week, whatever, you'll be de-cluttered and probably feel great doing it.  I focused my get chucked efforts on eliminating things that frustrate me on a daily basis.  I tackled the black hole of stray socks in my house.  In what took only 30 minutes, after I was sure that all laundry was clean and accounted for, I threw out 12 personal unpaired socks, and eight of Molly and Jack's.  It felt great, even liberating.  Next stop single gloves, uncapped markers, and pens that don't work.

2. Clean your brushes
I don't care what kind of brushes: Hair brushes, combs, paint brushes, makeup brushes, toothbrushes.  Give them a good clean, or if they've seen better days, throw them out and replace them.  Your teeth, complexion, hair, and do it yourself projects will all be better for it.

3. Drink one more glass of water
I'm not saying drink eight glasses of water a day (although if you can pull that off, good on you). Work something into your routine, it's just one glass.  It can be first thing in the morning, before a hot shower to avoid getting overheated, or before lunch.

4. Get your closet ready for a spring cleaning
I read this neat article suggesting that in January, or at the beginning of any season, you take all of the hangers in your closet and turn them backwards (so they're pointing towards you).  When you wear something put it back on the hook the right way.  At the end of the season donate anything that is still facing backwards.

Backwards hanger photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

5. Social Media Photo Printing
Take a wander into the social media vortex that is all of the accounts where you, or your friends post photos.  Save down your top 10, 20, or 50 if you are a crazy photo taking parent like me and get them printed.  Now you have a physical record of your best photos from the past year, or two (up to you). Bonus points for framing or organizing into an album.

6. Share a book
Trade favourite books with a friend to share the literary wealth.  Want to make some memories with your kiddo(s)?  Go to the local library, used bookstore or Amazon and pick up one or two of your favourite childhood books and read them to your kids.  

7. Try a white week
Maybe you indulged a little too much in holiday spirits.  I've known a number of people who have taken one "white month" (alcohol free) each year.  Traditionally these people pick February because it's the shortest month of the year (although it is 29 days in 2016).  While I have no plan in taking a white month any time soon (I took a number of consecutive white months back in 2011, that lasted for most of a year - oh pregnancy) taking a weekend, week or month off of booze can make a difference in your health.  Even taking a few days off can help your health and budget.  I recently stretched a bottle of white for a week, and my wallet thanked me!

8. Book those appointments
Get out your calendar and make those appointments.  For every not so fun appointment book something fun shortly after.  Going to the dentist, how about a massage that weekend?  Physical with blood work, hello coffee date with that friend you've been wanting to see.  Always wanted to learn to knit?  You can make this an appointment, just sign up for the class, show-up, repeat!

9. The bonus round
Apparently there's a "holiday" in September called Discardia where you get rid of all the extra crappola in your life to focus on living your life and not just accumulating stuff.  You can make any day your own personal discardia.  If you have an extra floater day at work to use up, or an afternoon following the above-mentioned dentist appointment, create your own mini discard day.

10. Walk one Errand a week
It's winter, it's cold, I get it.  But by walking to the grocery store, post office, or a friend's house just one day a week, you'll be getting a smidgen more exercise. 

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Welcome to the Jungle - An Indoor Playground Review - Kidsopolis

Even though we've had a warm winter so far, it's been damp.  We haven't been able to hit the hills for any tobogganing, skating or other outdoor winter activities.  We decided that it was time to check out an indoor playground and work off some energy.   I first heard about this place because of a promotion on Groupon, unfortunately they were all sold out of the deal for weekend play, but we decided we'd check it out anyway.

My park review disclaimer: If you don't live in the area I hope you enjoy the pics and can use some of the ideas to inspire and explore in your own city. If you have any recommendations for great playgrounds ideally some in Toronto proper (indoor or out or new criteria I haven't thought of) please post a comment on this post or email me:

Playground Name:

Unit 15-16 407 Speers Road ,Oakville

kidsopolis, Yu Kids Play System

There is free parking in the lot.  This location is a five minute drive from the Oakville Go Station, or 30 minute walk.

Theme of Park:
Innovative, interactive and safe play for children of all ages.  The design of the playgrounds feels like it's come out of the imagination of Dr. Seuss.

$12 for the first child, $10 for any additional siblings.  Two adults may accompany any one child. There are also multi-passes available for purchase.  Anyone who wants to visit between 6PM-8PM Monday to Thursday can take advantage of $6 admission.

 The Minions swinging on the hanging vines that look like candy gumdrops

Variety of Equipment for different ages:
This playground's activities and play are geared towards kids aged 1-6, with the candy coloured Yu Kids Play Structures (all as pictured above) only available for use for kids under 48 inches tall.  The other section of the playground is available for kids of all ages and admission provides kids over 48 inches in height with two laser game tokens (Mission Impossible type game, avoid the lasers and enter the code into a keypad across the room.  I would've liked to have played myself).

Jack in the moving balloons fan room.

Best Part(s) of the Park:
This playground featured ideas I have seen no where else, ever.  The balloon room is a caged room at the top of a play structure with four fans blowing in from all angles, with the addition of a number of fairly durable balloons kids can chase, bump and actually feeling like they're catching bubbles.  Other unique items included a transparent jumping bubble where you can look down at kids below you and exit via an inflatable slide, and the hanging vines which slowly rotate. There was also a more traditional play structure/maze that has slides, tunnels, and interactive games.  The kids played happily for around two hours.  Basic snacks and drinks (think juice and granola bars) are available for sale at reasonable prices.  Molly said her favourite part was "absolutely everything" while Jack was crazy about the "bubble room".

Molly getting ready to take aim on target.

I witnessed a "Dad Fight" (some dads getting into a very loud "discussion" over a pre-schooler bowling over a toddler in the playground) but it quickly quieted, and both parents left pretty shortly after.  Like any playground my issue generally stems from kids behaving badly and absent parents, although none of these things have anything to do with the playground itself.

Overall Rating:
I give this indoor playground five stars/a near perfect 5/5 score.  I base this on the satisfaction level of the kids in combination with the price paid.  This is a really neat place and I've never seen anything quite like it. Both kids have repeatedly asked if we can go back.  While I wish that Toronto had either some more indoor play options within the city or (even better) free indoor play structures for kids in colder weather, I know we need to usually head west to get to this type of facility and am thrilled this place exists just over a 30 minute drive away.

A part of the all ages play structure

To read my indoor playground review for Balls of Fun in Mississauga click here.

To read my indoor playground review for Lil Monkeys Playground in Burlington click here.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mountain Song - 2015 Un-Resolutions in Review

I totally flaked out on my 2015 New Year's resolutions, and the recording of my journey, at around month seven to nine last year.  I have excuses, but they're boring and unnecessary.  In 2015 I set out to do a lot of things, some I achieved, others not so much.  Before I go and stand on the top of a mountain top and proclaim my 2016 resolutions for all to hear (spoiler alert: climbing a mountain is absolutely NOT one of my 2016 resolutions) I thought I'd reflect on what I'm most proud of from 2015, in the spirit of the "lost" 2015 resolutions and beyond.

10 Things That I'm Proud of 
Achieving, Learning & Grateful for in 2015

Chris and I in front of the Married with Children fountain in Chicago
  1. Making More Memories with the Kids
    I am a big fan of the school of thought of making memories and having experiences over accumulating stuff (AKA junk).  We try to funnel money from gifts for the minions towards life experiences, rather than stuff and let Molly and Jack select what we're going to do.  One of the most important things I learned from Molly this year, who loves to rehash memories and stories almost as much as I do, is that the little things often make a much bigger impression when compared to big things, excursions or purchases.  Most talked about activities range from witnessing a raccoon, who their cousins named Turkey, sneaking into our kitchen tent and stealing our marshmallows when we were camping to our drive to check out the holiday lights just a few weeks ago.
  2. Making My Own Broth
    I know this sounds silly, but it drives me (and especially Chris) crazy when we waste food.  By making my own broth most of the time, less veggies go to waste in our crisper drawer, chicken and turkey gets a second life, and soups taste a lot better.  It also has me cooking from scratch more, and my two "assistants" learning about good, healthy food.  So win, win, win, win?
  3. Getting More Couple Time with the Hubby
    Our very "active" social (there is some sarcasm there, but I know we get out quite a bit for parents of twin four year olds) and work calendars didn't allow for the two dedicated date nights a month that I'd resolved for, but we did get some solid date nights in over the year.  We got away sans minions for a long weekend in Chicago, which was a great way to re-charge.  Late nights with drinks in the backyard where we have a drink (or three) and talk about things that go beyond the daily grind are still the best way to connect.
  4. Tooting my Own Horn                                                                                                       I've been putting up my hand more and promoting my own writing a lot more this year, something I've always struggled with, but I'm getting over it.  I'm putting out a ton of  freelance applications pitching story ideas, and boasting my own content via social media and in person, like this article on BabyGaga on 7 Main Reasons Pregnant Couples Fight
  5. Keeping Track of Our Budget in Excel                                                                              
    We had some significant financial changes in our lives in 2015. By starting a detailed monthly budget in Excel and keeping tabs on money coming in and going out, we were able to do Christmas under budget (it was only under budget by $32.89 but hey, that's better than the alternative!)  This also let us discuss money, and upcoming bumps and hiccups in a pragmatic way.
  6. Watching a Number of my Friends Become Parents for the first (and second) time     2015 marked a number of new bundles of joy.  It has been awesome to be able to share in parenthood, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with a number of my closest pals.
  7. Charity
    This year we saw many friends and family inspired to participate in volunteerism and raising money for worthy causes. As parents we're trying to set a good example for the minions, so they can see us donate to food banks, and other worthy causes.  My heart swelled three times last week (like the Grinch's) when Molly asked me to donate her old backpack to kids who need it more than she does, after she got a new one for Christmas.
  8. Reaching Milestones
    This year marked so many things worth celebrating.  Chris and I had our ten year wedding anniversary, others in our family toasted their 45th in Europe, my brother got married (and I got a new sister), the minions turned 4 and entered kindergarten, and a certain favourite family member became a centenarian.
  9. Learning When to Walk Away
    Not all lessons seem like "good things" at the time, even though we often learn the most from them.  Learning to say no, and knowing when to fold, when to walk away, and when to run (and other lessons summed up by the Kenny Rogers song, The Gamblerare responsible for one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn about myself and my own boundaries.  I'm thankful for support from my friends, family and beyond, and that I didn't let sticktoitiveness keep me in situations that were bad for me.
  10. Inspiration
    I am so thankful and proud of all the people who have supported me and pushed me to strive to follow my dreams.  I am thrilled that I have been able to focus some of this energy into a handful of my talented friends and acquaintances that culminated in the creation of a Photography Etsy shop, CK Collective Photography.  I am energized by Molly, Jack, and Chris and so many others to do more, do better and try harder.
At times 2015 was like a roller coaster that I wanted to get off of, but it was also a really awesome time.  The minions are growing up so fast and it's so freaky, awesome cool to see them get more independent and slowly come into their own.  Okay 2016, I'm ready for you.  I'm only what, 5-6 days late?

Chris and I had some photos taken to commemorate our 10th anniversary, me in my wedding dress & him in a vintage tuxedo tails

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Ten - 2015 Top Ten Blog Posts

I am going to be spending some time reflecting on 2015 while I dip my toes into the waters of 2016. 2015 was a life altering year for me in many ways, some good, some not so good, but more on that later.  On the blog front I am so touched by all the friends, family, and online readers who visit us to hear about our adventures. I can't believe that I've now been blogging for four years.  It's been amazing to read about our lives with the minions years ago and to see how much they, and our lives together, have changed.

I thought I'd revisit my 10 most visited posts of 2015 and share them by topic, just in case you missed them and wanted to check them out.   I look forward to writing about many more experiences and lessons in 2016.  Thank you, as always, for your continued support.  Happy New Year!

Jack playing in the sand, Summer 2015.

Tips for Pregnancy!

9 Tips for 9 Months of Pregnancy.  Learn from my mistakes in pregnancy!

Growing Pains!

The one about Molly's journey to stop sucking her thumb and other Linusesque tendencies - With These Hands: Story of a Recovering Thumb Sucker and Blanket Addict

Activities for Kids

Rainy day/snow day activities for kids!

Popular Culture

My commentary on the viral video where drunk moms talk about their kids - Saturday Night

My entire family was excited about the re-boot of the Muppet show.  Here I share my review of the pilot episode- Pig Girls Don't Cry.  I am also pleased to announce that Molly loves Miss Piggy, her determination, and spunk as much as I do!

Thoughts on parents who gave their son a notice of eviction as a "Birthday Gift".

Molly and Jack on a Toronto Area Hike, 2015

Family Living in the City of Toronto

A Playground Review from east end Toronto's KEW Gardens.

Commentary on The Blue Jays, Rogers Centre, Ashton Kutcher, and making MLB a family fun experience.

Travel Tips

Do's and Don'ts for flying with pre-schoolers (little kids)

6 Travel Tips that will save you time, money, and sanity while travelling with little kids

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