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Resolve - 10 Un-resolutions that will make your life better

Some people aren't big on resolutions, I never made them at all until a few years ago.  This year I'm still working on my mine, but they probably are more likely to fall into the category of goals for 2016. Whether you jumped on the New Year's resolution bandwagon and are staying strong with the "the new year new you", or have been sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix with your floor covered in beer empties and your body covered in chip crumbs, there's still time.

A lot of the reason resolutions, diets, and lifestyle changes don't work is because it's too big of a change too soon, or too much of a disruption.  Below are my list of 10 possible un-resolutions to help you start off the year on the right foot.  The best part, the time commitment for most of these is a minimal, one shot deal.

Molly, deep in thought.

1. Try a throw things out challenge (or donate, or recycle)
I came across some articles and blog posts about this over the past few weeks and some of them are pretty inspiring.  There is the 30 day throw things out challenge, where you get rid of things, every day for a month #30DayGetChuckedChallenge. Here's the thing, you don't have to do it every day. Just do it for an hour, a day, a weekend, a week, whatever, you'll be de-cluttered and probably feel great doing it.  I focused my get chucked efforts on eliminating things that frustrate me on a daily basis.  I tackled the black hole of stray socks in my house.  In what took only 30 minutes, after I was sure that all laundry was clean and accounted for, I threw out 12 personal unpaired socks, and eight of Molly and Jack's.  It felt great, even liberating.  Next stop single gloves, uncapped markers, and pens that don't work.

2. Clean your brushes
I don't care what kind of brushes: Hair brushes, combs, paint brushes, makeup brushes, toothbrushes.  Give them a good clean, or if they've seen better days, throw them out and replace them.  Your teeth, complexion, hair, and do it yourself projects will all be better for it.

3. Drink one more glass of water
I'm not saying drink eight glasses of water a day (although if you can pull that off, good on you). Work something into your routine, it's just one glass.  It can be first thing in the morning, before a hot shower to avoid getting overheated, or before lunch.

4. Get your closet ready for a spring cleaning
I read this neat article suggesting that in January, or at the beginning of any season, you take all of the hangers in your closet and turn them backwards (so they're pointing towards you).  When you wear something put it back on the hook the right way.  At the end of the season donate anything that is still facing backwards.

Backwards hanger photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

5. Social Media Photo Printing
Take a wander into the social media vortex that is all of the accounts where you, or your friends post photos.  Save down your top 10, 20, or 50 if you are a crazy photo taking parent like me and get them printed.  Now you have a physical record of your best photos from the past year, or two (up to you). Bonus points for framing or organizing into an album.

6. Share a book
Trade favourite books with a friend to share the literary wealth.  Want to make some memories with your kiddo(s)?  Go to the local library, used bookstore or Amazon and pick up one or two of your favourite childhood books and read them to your kids.  

7. Try a white week
Maybe you indulged a little too much in holiday spirits.  I've known a number of people who have taken one "white month" (alcohol free) each year.  Traditionally these people pick February because it's the shortest month of the year (although it is 29 days in 2016).  While I have no plan in taking a white month any time soon (I took a number of consecutive white months back in 2011, that lasted for most of a year - oh pregnancy) taking a weekend, week or month off of booze can make a difference in your health.  Even taking a few days off can help your health and budget.  I recently stretched a bottle of white for a week, and my wallet thanked me!

8. Book those appointments
Get out your calendar and make those appointments.  For every not so fun appointment book something fun shortly after.  Going to the dentist, how about a massage that weekend?  Physical with blood work, hello coffee date with that friend you've been wanting to see.  Always wanted to learn to knit?  You can make this an appointment, just sign up for the class, show-up, repeat!

9. The bonus round
Apparently there's a "holiday" in September called Discardia where you get rid of all the extra crappola in your life to focus on living your life and not just accumulating stuff.  You can make any day your own personal discardia.  If you have an extra floater day at work to use up, or an afternoon following the above-mentioned dentist appointment, create your own mini discard day.

10. Walk one Errand a week
It's winter, it's cold, I get it.  But by walking to the grocery store, post office, or a friend's house just one day a week, you'll be getting a smidgen more exercise. 

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