Monday, 5 January 2015

Just One Look

On New Year's Day a couple of years ago I stumbled across a blog entry from The Bloggess where she shared the weirdest search terms that people had entered into a search engine to get to her blog.  This is incredibly entertaining and a very interesting way to look at my own tags and the random ways that people stumble upon Multiple Momstrosity.  In 2014 nearly 65,000 people visited my blog, I hope a lot of these people are return visitors, Google Analytics assures me that about 60 percent of you are return visitors.  Big brother is watching and says thank you for coming back!

A sunset I captured on our way back from a free Glass Tiger show Canada Day

Here are some of the strangest search terms that led people here in 2014.

My sister is a snake
People who were searching for some kind of camaraderie about their sisters being jerks got what they desired when they were led to a story about my fear of snakes and a mean practical joke that my dad and my sister E played on me at Santa's Village when I was a kid.  People searching about snakes would also learn how Molly inherited my fear of snakes naturally and why I'm like Indiana Jones.

Horses are Amazing
While I agree that horses are amazing, majestic creatures, people aren't led to a post where I talk about beautiful steeds. Instead they can read about a day I spent at Riverdale Farm with Molly and Jack (when they were really small) and what I learned.

Head Banger Girls With Long Hair
This one has come up several times, and I imagine 14 year old boys who are seeking photos or videos of their dream metal girls as "inspiration".  Instead they get a post about toddler Jack, how he was a head banger when he was teething and how we coped with it, sorry boys.

In addition, here are three of my most popular posts from 2014.

14 Ways to Make it to the Other Side of The Nightmare Phase - Coping Tips for bad dreams

Loss of a Pet - Talking about losing my cat Pan this past summer.  As a mini update, Molly and Jack still ask about Pan A LOT.  One day, about two weeks ago, Molly asked Chris if Pan was ever coming back and he said no.  She ran to her room crying.  That night she told me that her stuffed Cheshire Cat was Pan, and he's remained Pan ever since, I guess this is her way of coping.

The Adjustment to "Big Kid Beds"  - Two toddlers drunk on freedom and their "present" for me.  To update here, over the Christmas break we let Molly and Jack sleep in mom and dad's room for nap one afternoon.  No sleep was had.  Instead they built me a clothing snowman by emptying a drawer of my clean clothes onto a pile of dirty laundry and sculpting it vaguely into the shape of a snowman.

Looking forward to sharing our new adventures in 2015!

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