Wednesday, 21 January 2015


There is a new favourite book in our rotation that Molly and Jack are going nuts for.  It was a Christmas present from Santa and has been requested regularly.  This past weekend, on a cold and blustery day, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some Pinkalicious baking into our afternoon story session.

Book Review of Pinkalicious by sisters Victoria and Elizabeth Kann

pinkalicious cupcakes

Why Santa Bought It
Molly's two favourite colours are pink, yellow and sometimes purple (depending on the day).  This must have seemed like an ideal choice.

Book Summary
Main character "Pinkalicious" loves pink (duh) and on a rainy afternoon when her mom suggests they make cupcakes she insists they make them pink.  The problem is, Pinkalicious can't get enough of these cupcakes and doesn't stop eating them, even after her mom and dad tell her she's had enough. When she wakes up the next day she discovers that she's turned pink.  After a diagnosis by her paediatrician it's determined that she has pinkatitus, something that can only be cured by eating a lot of green food. What's a pink loving girl to do..... Parental note: I'd like to speculate that the cake mix used in this story was bought at Willy Wonka's factory judging by it's magical and diabolical qualities.

The book is an easy and fun story to read out loud to children.

When I suggested to Molly that we each eat a piece of cucumber or broccoli before enjoying "Pinkalicious" cupcakes (to make sure we didn't turn pink) she suggested that I make some of the cupcakes green instead....Yup, outsmarted by a three year old.

What Molly and Jack Think of the Book
While this present was for Molly, Jack has been requesting we read it just as much as his sister.

Ideal Age
School Library Journal suggests that this book is best for kids pre-school age to grade two.  I'd agree, but maybe shorten the top end of the spectrum to grade one.

What We Paid for the Book:
The book currently sells for $11.28 on Amazon

Would Recommend for..
A fun story, with a moral at the end about how being yourself is the best thing to be.  I think we may be buying another book in this series for the kids for Valentine's day, likely Goldilicious because it has a unicorn in it and I mean come on, unicorns are awesome!  I would also buy this book as a gift for another child down the road.

Overall Rating

I guess we ate too many cupcakes (aka the icing ran).  Jack enjoys his pink fingertips.

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