Monday, 12 January 2015

Spoonful of Sugar

Before Chris and I had children, in the winter months, we started a "dinner and a movie" date night that we participated in every other Friday. Essentially how the date night works is that you alternate turns where one person selects a movie and prepares an appropriately themed dinner to go along with it.  Chris is much better at the dinner and movie selection than I am.  Personal favourites: Casablanca with a Moroccan Feast including sweet mint tea, The Godfather with spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread and red wine, or Cool Hand Luke with Southern fried chicken and a dozen hard boiled eggs.

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to make more memories with the minions and this is one of my first attempts.  Most Sunday evenings we've been enjoying a movie together as a family.  This weekend I decided to add a little more inspiration to our choice and offer Dinner and a movie for Mary Poppins. I wanted to ensure that I plan something that the kids will eat (or at least try) and that isn't so work intensive that it was going to take up my entire afternoon.

Behold our Mary Poppins inspired side dishes!

penguin eggs, edible penguins
Hard boiled Penguin eggs - made using black olives, carrots and tooth picks.

cheese umbrellas
Babybel Cheese "Umbrellas" (striped bendy straws can also be used).

spoon full of sugar Mary Poppins dessert
Dessert was a spoonful of sugar (Some leftover holiday chocolate that I melted, poured onto spoons and topped with sprinkles).

Other things to consider to pair with Miss Poppins: Mary Poppinscorn or Soupercalifragilisticexpialidocious Soup (preferably with alphabet noodles).  

Overall the kids enjoyed Mary Poppins, particularly the cartoon parts and the songs, but the movie was a little long for them to handle in one sitting, about half way through they abandoned to go make a pillow fort on our bed.  I'd forgotten, and was pleasantly surprised by the self-proclaimed no-nonsense sass that makes Mary Poppins so fun.  The kids ate most of the theme food, and the biggest hits were the penguins and chocolate spoons.  Molly licked her plate clean, sprinkles and all. 

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