Friday, 30 January 2015

My Favourite Things

Most of the time I have a few "break in case of emergency" items in my mom purse, which right now is shockingly smaller than I'd like it to be.  Lately, I've been forced into carrying a Wonder Woman "side bag" in addition to my purse to hold parenting supplies (acetaminophen), books and my lunch for work.  Note: there isn't anything wrong with Wonder Woman, she's awesome - it's just I need a new, larger purse.

When we're out with the kids and forced to wait at doctors offices, the subway to pick up dad or in the queue at the pharmacy (ahem) while I wait for my much needed birth control prescription, the kids can get a little nutty.  Sometimes the book I have in my bag, or box of raisins that's been sitting there for nearly a month isn't going to cut the mustard, so it's time to release "the big guns" and bust out the phone or tablet - something that we try to avoid most of the time.

elmo chair
Miss Molly "inspecting" some diaper cream on her Elmo Chair.

Oprah is allowed her list of favourite things, this is Jack's list, of things that will distract him when you need it the most.  They usually work on Molly too, but she'd never request them.  Behold, three parental "life-hack" videos to get you through the line, mostly, tantrum free (no guarantees).

Elmo Song - This break in case of emergency tune is perfect when you need three minutes of time.  I busted this out last weekend at the barber when Jack didn't want the to use the electric razor on him. It was the perfect lengthed distraction.

If Jack is feeling a bit cranky, Domo Hungry always makes him laugh.

We came across this one by accident because of Jack's affinity for the Gingerbread man in Shrek. Chris hit the "Googles" and found Jack's new favourite, the Classic story, The Gingerbread Man, as read by The Office's John Krasinski.  Once it is done, you generally get served a five to ten minute game where you pretend to be the fox while Jack runs away from you giggling, "You can't catch me, I'm the Ginger Cookie Man".

I hope I've bought you three minutes (or nine minutes if you parcel these all together), made you and your little one smile and avoided a tantrum.

What are your parenting hacks (digital cheats) to get 5 free minutes?

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