Thursday, 12 January 2012


Giving my son a bath is akin to taking a long walk along a lake shore with a really drunk guy.  He babbles incoherently and when he isn't trying to drown himself he's peeing in the water.*  I can't even count the number of times that I've had to stand him up at the edge of his baby tub to pee down the drain or rush through the remainder of the bath once he's "infected" the water.

My daughter, Molly, is another story.  Bath time Molly is calm, relaxed, content** and likes to just lay there enjoying the warm water, smiling up at me while I sit perched on the edge of the toilet seat looking over her.  I must admit when forced stationary by my children I've had trouble adapting. The restriction of only being an arms length away from a bathing child at any time often has me pulling Molly out of the bath before she's ready.  But I'm slowly learning to enjoy this welcomed break as much as Molly does and extending her bath time and taking it as "me time" as well.

In the past I've used this time to put on make-up, brush my teeth or clean the toilet while she relaxes.  But I've decided that I'm going to try not to do that any more.  This morning I gave her a bath while Jack was still asleep, I grabbed a cup of tea*** and didn't move her until she was ready.  Since she was a two month old Molly has needed her alone time, in fact she'll scream for it.  Today's bath was our first alone time together and it was great!  I guess I'm going to have a spa buddy after all.

*The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that nearly 80% of all drownings are male, which further supports my theory about the boy child constantly trying to kill himself.
**For anyone who knows my daughter - this is not typical Molly behaviour.
***Apologies for anyone who finds consumption of food and beverage in the bathroom gross, but people drink wine in bubble baths all the time, on TV and in movies anyway.

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