Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Chris and I vowed that we would have adaptable babies and that they would follow our schedule.  So far that has worked for us, despite Molly's feisty spirit, until we tried the children's first weekend away on our annual ski weekend up North.  I spent all day Friday loading up the car and packing while looking after the minions.*

By the time we piled into the car I announced to Chris that I was exhausted, wouldn't be good company and may nap the entire journey North.  He said he understood.  I pulled out my Google Map directions** and asked Chris if he needed them.  He said he was fine for the beginning of the journey and then asked for my recommendation on how to get to the highway.  I suggested Jane Street North to the highway and he agreed.  I chatted with him as he drove, both of us so tired that we were oblivious that he took Jane Street to Eglinton and had directed us to the wrong Highway.  He apologized, however felt a need to point out that as front seat passenger I was responsible as both navigator and DJ and should have pointed out his error.  We grumbled at each other for about half an hour until we got on the correct highway, going the correct direction.

After our minor detour we made it to our destination without any other incident.  Our playpens were waiting in our room and our friends arrived shortly after while the babies giggled and wriggled around on a play mat on the floor.  Everything was coming up Milhouse until Molly's 9pm bed time when she decided that she wasn't going to go to bed.  In turn Jack decided that he too would stay awake, that they would both cluster feed*** and fuss and yell and cry until 2AM.  Jack then refused to sleep in his playpen and wouldn't go down until he was snuggled securely between Chris and I.  We were defeated.

The next day we had volunteer babysitters who let us hit the hills tubing to get out some of our baby induced frustration, thank you.  By mid afternoon we were crashing on the couch while taking shifts looking after babies.  By Saturday night everyone had settled in, our babies to a routine and Chris and I to complete and total exhaustion.  After a failed attempt at trying to get our babies to swim**** they went to bed on schedule at 930pm and we had the evening to ourselves to play board games and watch movies with our friends. I fell asleep in an arm chair during Scott Pilgrim while Chris stubbornly tried to pack two nights worth of fun friend time into a three hour window.  When we got home on Sunday I crashed on the couch for a two and a half hour nap.  I'd say that Chris and I lost, and I have a photo of him laying in bed with the babies early Saturday morning that proves this, although I'm not allowed to show this photo to anyone.  Minions one, Parents zero.  Dumbly, sadly, I think it's time for a rematch.

*If you like Tetris you should come help me try to load up a weekend worth of winter supplies for a family of four into our 2001 Sunfire (AKA the Sexfire).
**I no longer use MapQuest thanks to some failed directions and mockery from our friends that Chris and I live in 1998 with dial up modems and ICQ.
***Need to feed every 30-45 minutes between fussy wailing.
****I had to beg the lifeguard to let us into the pool with the kids for just a minute during adult swim hour.  Sadly they loved it and we couldn't enjoy it more.

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