Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I Love Myself Today

Yesterday we took our car in for service and we are happy to report that the 2001 Sunfire (AKA Sexfire) is still hanging in complete with the fancy new feature of a rear right hand turn signal.  We are no longer faced with sticking our arms out the window to let other drivers know that we want to turn right or forcing our passengers to act as ground traffic controllers.*

It's actually been a week of maintenance, with Friday being the minions 9 month check up, only a month and a half late.  The 45 day delay has me feeling a little bit better about both babies being over the 95th percentile in head circumference. It doesn't change the answer to Chris and I's question about why Molly is such a better eater of solid food than her brother.  I imagine very few father's dream of hearing, "It's because she has an oral fixation" about their little girls.

We've also found a new way to entertain the children, mirrors.  I'd long forgotten how awe inspiring mirrors can be to babies and children.  Like the work required on the Sexfire, I use mirrors exclusively for self-maintenance and repairs** and not self-admiration.  I don't know if Molly and Jack realize that they are staring at themselves in the mirror or other reflective surfaces or if they think that it's just another friendly baby in the room, but they are both very smitten.

Jack will smile and then try to wrestle with and crawl all over the baby he sees in the mirror.  Molly loves any reflective surface, will smile at it, flirt with it and then try to make-out with it.***  To date she has made out with: both bedroom mirrors, the bathroom mirror, the dishwasher, the oven (to the point where I've had to keep her out of the kitchen when I'm using the stove) and finally any wall if she can see her shadow.****

This is a picture of a horse making out with our car, and why it's aptly named - The Sexfire  

Maybe this self love and self esteem has to do with Chris and I constantly greeting Molly with "Hello Gorgeous", or constantly telling both babies how wonderful they are.  It's sort of a reminder that as adults we should be a little kinder to ourselves, and our mom bodies. It's time for a little more, "Hey Mama wanna wrestle/Let's make-out" and a little less, "Oh God the horror".   

*I don't believe that anyone actually knows what the manual signals for cars mean any more.  Who needs a baby on board sign when everyone thinks that you're flipping them off each and every time you want to change lanes or turn right anyway, right?
**Stray eye-brow plucking, removal of seeds and food lodged in teeth, pore inspection, under the eye ring inspection and make-up application.   
***Oral fixation.  Shudder.  Grown up Molly, in advance, I am SO sorry if you're reading this now - Mommy jests because she loves.
****Most narcissistic Ground Hog Day ever?

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  1. I forget what age they're supposed to recognize themselves in the mirror, but you can test it by putting a smudge on their foreheads (with a washable marker) and then see if they reach up and try to touch it/rub it off.