Tuesday, 17 September 2013

16 Candles (plus 19)

Today is my birthday, I am 35 years old.  A month or two ago I was watching retro TV when on an old episode of Roseanne she complained about her life at 35. Is it possible?  I'm the same age as Becky and Darlene's mom?  I looked it up, and it's true, I'm the same age as an early episode Roseanne. If it were the 1980s or 1990s my kids would be a lot older. I'm of similar age to Peg Bundy and I'm older than Marge Simpson who is apparently a spry 34.  Fictionally I could be a mom of teenagers.  Mind officially blown.

Marge Simpson.png


Image courtesy of wikipedia

Almost a decade ago I met my husband Chris.  At the time I lamented about how I'd just turned 25 and had to check off the 25-34 box in surveys.  What could I possibly have had in common with these "real" adults in that age bracket?  It's officially time to check a new box on any survey.  I can no longer lie and claim that I am in my early 30's because I'm not.  I am very different from that 25 year old.   A lot has changed in the past decade. I met Chris, moved in with Chris, married Chris, got a new job, went back to school part time and have almost finished my post graduate certificate in public relations, bought a house and had two wonderful little children.

Below are the 10 lessons I've learned or thoughts I would like to share with 25 year old SaraBeth, not that she'd listen anyway.   She thinks she knows everything.

  1. Your parents were probably right.
  2. People you care about will let you down, but people who you wouldn't expect will pick you up and become really important to you.
  3. There is never a convenient time to have kids.
  4. When you think it's a good idea to drink whiskey, that generally means, stop being a jackass and you should just drink lots of Gatorade and go to bed instead.
  5. Children are a lot of fun, people talk about how much work they are, but never how much fun it is to play.
  6. You don't know what broke is, yet.
  7. Say I love you to the people you care about, often.  Also, small gestures mean a lot to big people in your life.
  8. Invest in high thread count sheets and a good mattress.  IKEA mattresses were made by the devil and will hurt you immensely in the long-run.
  9. Just because someone is older doesn't mean that they're a grown-up.
  10. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

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  1. "Just because someone is older doesn't mean that they're a grown-up."-- I like that :)