Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dancing Scarf Blues

At one of my first "grown-up" jobs I had a really eccentric boss.  She was big on her version of what was professional and would often critique our level of professionalism in dress if we dare to enter the office in snow boots in the middle of January, even when our regular shoes were under our desk.  She'd have you reprimanded if your slacks were too loose or too tight.  She called my pointed toed pumps my "witch shoes".*

This boss was no fashionista. herself.  She somehow felt  she could wear any clothing whatsoever and it would be professional if she paired with a set of pearls and a scarf.  One of her meeting staples included a variety of brightly coloured polar fleece sweaters** paired with her signature "professional" accessories. 

Needless to say I had a scarf and pearl aversion for some time afterwards and didn't explore the world of scarves until, like most women I know, I approached 30*** after I noticed what the scarf was really capable of. This was no polar fleece league and I was hooked.  Now that I'm a mom scarves can be so much more than a fashion accessory.

Festive autumn scarf at a hockey game check, sarcastic smile, double-check

These are the reasons why scarves are amazing from the perspective of a mom & a stylish lady:
  1. Sling them around your neck or tie them to your purse for a pop of colour.
  2. Someone I know recently revealed that she was expecting and had kept her baby bump under wraps until her third trimester by disguising under carefully selected scarves.**** This woman clearly deserves to join The Alliance of Magicians because of her mad scarf skills.
  3. One of my favourite authors Jen Lancaster brags about her "eating scarf" that is stylish, brightly coloured and hides anything that she spills.
  4. Parachute game with toddler while waiting at the vet, doctor's office or as a distraction to prevent a fight over a coveted toy.
  5. They are warm, which is especially important when your office could double as a meat locker eight months of the year.
  6. Toddler drops their blanket in a giant puddle while you're out and is freaking out?  Mama scarf to the rescue.
  7. The feeling you get when your son makes one of your scarves his lovey (security blanket) and wants to carry it everywhere because it smells like you.
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*I think I was just fashion forward.
**AKA dog walking sweaters complete with half zippers.
***Anyone who I spend a lot of time with knows that I talk about how much I love this comedy sketch about women in their 20s compared with women in their 30s ALL the time.  It also features polarfleece free scarf love.
****I doubt this would have worked with a multiples pregnancy, but still AMAZING!

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