Friday, 23 January 2015

Body Movin'

It's been a cold, but dry winter so far in Toronto.  Trust me, I'm not complaining about the fact that we haven't had to bust out the shovels too much, but this also means that we haven't been out tobogganing or building snowmen either, much to the chagrin of the minions.  I was speaking to a friend of mine the other night about outdoor time in the winter and kids - he grew up somewhere warm and was saying he couldn't imagine a winter without a lot of outdoor play time. Kids and adults could all use some more time in the fresh air or at least more activities that get our hearts pumping this time of year.  Most schools and daycare programs have rules where when the temperature dips below around -5C (23 degrees F) it's time for indoor play. I consider us very lucky to have Molly and Jack in a daycare that hosts a large outdoor playground for when it's nice outside and a large gym type area for indoor active play.

hiking with baby carriers
It's easier to stay active when it's nice out.  Hiking with our carriers and some great family and friends while we camp.

As most people in Canada know, Target announced that it was closing up shop north of the border. They are liquidating inventory and stores will begin closing in the coming months.  According to BlogTO, "The chain's 133 stores (including nine in the GTA) will be shut down this year, leading to the loss of 17,600 jobs across the country."  There is going to be space at malls all over Canada that is vacant again (we miss you Zellers!).   Apparently there has been interest from Good Life Fitness to look at this space, which is great if you're someone who has time to hit a gym regularly.  Most of my winter exercise is indoor, after dinner, via a DVD while the kids watch Dora on the TV downstairs. For me this means more gyms, unless they are ones that have classes that run in my area,fit into my schedule and offer Hatha yoga, don't inspire me much.   My needs are very specific, but there is very little that will get me out to an exercise class and away from Molly and Jack on evenings and weekends.

This week I saw an article in Metro News  that I wish I'd thought of myself because it's such an exciting concept.  The article is a request for more indoor parks, maybe with some playground equipment to fill in these huge vacant retail spaces.  It spoke about needing a place that isn't necessarily a pay to play indoor playground (I would still love to see more of these in the city), but something with greenery, maybe some playground equipment where kids can be kids and we can all get a little more active.  If in a mall this could allow for parents to divide and conquer some shopping while everyone gets a little more healthy.  If city sponsored this could also be great.

I know this is pie in the sky and not something that is necessarily financially beneficial to the people who are looking to lease property in Canada, but it would be nice to imagine a place where we canall going to be a little healthier in the winter.

Anyone who has any suggestions for physically driven indoor winter activities for families that don't break the bank....I'm's so cold out and the kids are climbing the walls, sometimes literally!

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