Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Marry Me Archie

This weekend my brother got married to the love of his life. I got a new sister and the minions officially got a new aunt (even though Aunt K. has been a part of our family since long before the minions even existed).

As we sat waiting for the ceremony to begin, Chris and I both realized that we were both nervous for the minions.  This was the very first time that our little flower girl and ring bear(er) "ROAR" had people depending on them and as parents it felt surreal.

I am happy to report that they were both amazing and fulfilled all of their wedding duties with flair and grace.
tuxedo t-shirt ring bearer

Here are some of my favourite minion memories from the wedding that I wanted to share:

  1. When Molly saw the bride and yelled, "Look it's Cinderella"  because she was so excited to see a "real princess" in her aunt K.
  2. That the bride and groom let Jackie wear a tuxedo t-shirt after we all realized that a regular suit wasn't going to fly.
  3. How excited Molly was when my sister put baby's breath and "brains" (braids) in her hair.
  4. After seeing how much fun all the flower girls had delicately tossing their rose petals down their aisle, Jackie decided that he'd participate by bowling his bear down the aisle.
  5. That Jackie clapped the loudest during the ceremony, gave a running commentary and encouragement to all participants and kept instructing my brother to, "open his eyes" during the service.
  6. How by some sort of miracle, all five kids in the wedding party managed to eat gooey cupcakes before the photos and remain picture perfect.
  7. That this is a memory that Molly and Jack will have for the rest of their lives.
flower girl dancing

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