Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What It Feels Like For A Girl

I always expected that my children would face similar growing pains to those I did.  I was prepared to support both children when constantly being the shortest person in their class, unathletism, a terribly ugly and pudgy middle-school phase and general awkwardness.  I never expected that my daughter would be willowy and tall for her age and I never thought that this would present problems in securing clothes for her that fit, but it does.  Being very aware how negative comments can impact body image, I try not to complain about wardrobe woes in front of either her or brother.  Molly is a strong and healthy young girl with good eating habits and an appetite for fruits and veggies which rival many fit adults.  That being said, winter is the most challenging time to clothe my daughter.

We are very blessed and have received a lot of hand me down clothing from friends and family which has saved us thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, Since Molly has been potty trained we've struggled with finding pants that are slim enough in the waist and long enough in the legs without the added bulk of a diaper to fill them out. 

toddler pants

Here are Six things that have worked for us so far in finding pants that fit (or nearly fit):
Overalls were a great way to keep Molly's pants up, however once she was potty training they became a bigger hindrance than help.  There was always the danger of straps landing in the toilet and the clasps and buckles are pretty hard for to undo quickly for a little kid who "HAS TO GO NOW".  

Cropped Leggings
Since Molly has a size 2-3 waist and size 3-5 legs I often put her in leggings that are too short.  This works about six months of the year, but in colder seasons I needed to find a way to keep her ankles warm.

This one sort of worked itself out on its own.  Molly loves a stylish boot and if her pants are cropped, it doesn't really matter, because I can hike up her socks, tuck in her pants and no one will see the floods beneath her stylish pink sparkle boots.

Cinch Waisted Pants
A lot of brands of children's clothing now offer a series of elastics and buttons inside the waist band so you can adjust the tightness of the waist as your child grows.  That being said, I've never moved Molly's pants beyond the second smallest setting.

Roll it Like Brittany
Sometimes, after a sudden growth spurt or a nasty stomach virus, pants that fit last week just won't work any more and fall down constantly.  In these cases I fold the waist of the pants like my child is a late nineties Brittany Spears and cross my fingers that they'll fit properly in a week or two.  

Look for Slim Cuts
Skinny jeans were pretty much designed for toddlers like Molly.  After some online and personal research Gap, Levis Slims and Miniboden seem to be the go to brands for parents who need slim cut clothing for their children.

Any additional hacks or lists of slim cut brand suggestions that I can watch for would be welcomed!

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