Sunday, 26 April 2015

Old as Love - Our trip to the Royal Ontario Museum

On Saturday we went out with some friends for a play date at the museum and to check out the final weekend of the Douglas Coupland exhibit, Everywhere is Anywhere, is Anything, is Everything.  While the kids had an absolute blast, particularly in the children's area, I would recommend a trip without the kids (or having adults take shifts with the wee ones in the kiddie area on the second floor) if there is a specific exhibit that you need more than five or ten minutes to check out.

ROM dino mascot, Cornelius the dinosaur
Both minions were excited to be greeted by Cornelius, the ROM's Dino Mascot

Douglas Coupland exhibit ROM
 Enjoying the blur of the last weekend of the Douglas Coupland 

Trying to behave while we rushed through the Coupland exhibit

Social commentary Douglas Coupland
 Some of the social commentary tiles courtesy of Mr. Coupland.

Knight's Helmet and toddler, ROM Costumes
 Jack the Knight

kid paleontologists
 The minions practiced their paleontology skills, but soon abandoned because they didn't like the mandatory goggles.  This is something I would have loved as a little kid, because one of my life ambitions as a child was to become a paleontologist.  Unfortunately, Ross Gellar and/or my inability to thrive in math and science ruined that dream for me.....I'm just going to blame it on Ross!

baby dragon costume
Jackie finally agrees to wear a costume though he kept telling us he was a dragon, not a dinosaur, and roaring at other kids.  We had to make him stop when he made another toddler cry (he's a pretty convincing dragon!)

Overall I would say it was a win because the kids had so much fun, but I'd argue the focus was on what they wanted to do, not the adults. We cautiously approached the bat cave, wondering if either Molly or Jack would be scared.  They seemed fairly indifferent.   When I asked Molly what her favourite part was, she told me that it was the blue and white sprinkle donut she enjoyed at Tim Hortons after the museum.  Jack said he liked the urinals in the washroom at the museum best, because they have a big, loud flush and the pipes rattle.  I guess it's a good thing we have a family membership! General admission is free for children under four, $9 for kids 4-12 and $12.50 per adult.

To read about the minions thinking Douglas Coupland is their father click here.

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