Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Power of Love

Today, October 15, 2015 is the date that Marty McFly travels to in the iconic sequel Back to the Future II.  What that means is that after today Back to the Future II will occur in the past, Blew your mind didn't I? As much as I love the sometimes campy, often shockingly correct interpretation of 2015 offered in this movie I don't crave to re-watch it the same way I do the original.

This past summer we stumbled upon Back to the Future on TV one rainy weekend and watched it with the kids.  Other than Molly's extreme confusion as to how Crispin Glover could possibly be old enough to be Michael J. Fox's father, they both enjoyed the movie and if I can find it on TV this week (It's not on Netflix Canada, I already checked), we're going to watch it again.

Movie Poster Back to the Future
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Thinking back and re-watching Back to the Future reminded me of some important lessons...Behold my justification for anyone who wants to watch Back to the Future with their children this week to celebrate Back to the Future Day!

7 Life Lessons Learned from watching and re-watching Back to the Future

  1. Grown-ups can be bullies too
    I always thought it was strange that George McFly would choose to work for his high school bully, Biff, (or hire him in the second version of 1985) but then I realized that it Biff could be replaced by any adult jerk boss treating George like crap....which leads me to my next lesson.
  2. Stand up for yourself
    Don't let people push you around, stand up for yourself.  Just thinking about what a wimp George McFly is in this movie gives me the urge to push Crispin Glover, steal his woman and total his car.
  3. Your family may still be annoying, but they're a big part of your life and who you are
    The McFly family is sad and flawed, but deep down inside they love each other: whether it's the first or second version of 1985.
  4. Secure your book cases to your they don't fall on you like they did on Marty
    Doc may be a brilliantly eccentric scientist, but he's no Mike Holmes.
  5. Your parents are real people
    Marty's experience fighting off the advances of his "boy chasing" mom reaffirms that parents are in fact real people who were once dumb kids too.
  6. Your actions will have consequences
    Whether it's Marty getting hit by the car instead of George or Doc trying to pull a fast one on the Libyan Nationalist Terrorists: you need to be accountable for what you do.
  7. The Song, The Power of Love is amazing
    Don't believe me?  You must be remembering it wrong, click here

What did you learn from watching and re-watching Back to the Future?

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