Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Get While the Gettin's Good - Best Kid Programming on Netflix Canada

Winter seems to have finally arrived.  Last night Molly came down with a fever, chills, the usual winter borne illness that forces everything and everyone in our house to slow down.  I know I'm going to be burning some "midnight oil" to catch up work wise tonight.  I am also very thankful for the time I have cuddling on the couch, drinking warm mixtures spiced with ginger and honey, reading favourite stories, and enjoying our own personal kid-centric Netflix marathon.

Looking at the weather forecast for the coming long weekend I can see that the super icy weather is due to hit its peak all weekend long, a lot of people are going to be looking for some kid friendly programming that they haven't seen a million times.

Here is our list of four great options offered on Netflix Kids, Canada that you've probably never heard of, or didn't bother to watch.  Enjoy and stay toasty!

Song of the Sea
After Ben's mother mysteriously disappears while giving birth to his younger sister Saoirse, his family feels permanently broken. His sister is left voiceless from the trauma, his dad is sad and lonely, and Ben has never forgiven his sister for her arrival taking his mother away. One day, shortly after Saoirse's sixth birthday, Ben and his sister are sent on an amazing, heroic journey to save the fairies (selkes) that Ben has only ever heard of from his mother's stories.  This beautiful story, with frame worthy artwork to match, has become a fast favourite of everyone in our house.

Image courtesy of The Simmons Voice and IMDB.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories
Story time comes to life while Eric Carle's beloved classic is enjoyed, along with a number of other enjoyable, little kid focused tales.  This is something that Jack asks to watch whenever he's not feeling well, and is a great length (half an hour) if you're trying to cook or clean up after sick lil ones while they rest.

The Croods, Image Courtesy of Open Letters Monthly

The Croods
I'd never heard of this movie before we discovered it on Netflix, but the kids love it, and it's highly watchable for adults.  This film is so loved that a sequel is currently under production for release in 2017.  Grug (Nicolas Cage) and his family are Cavemen who are forced out of their caves and comfort zones forever after the arrival of an enigmatic stranger named Guy (Ryan Reynolds).  Funny, and entertaining with relatable family dynamics, coming of age, and power struggle themes.  Voice talents of Emma Stone, Katherine Keener, and Cloris Leachman .

The Adventures of Puss in Boots
This is a Netflix Original series based on the life of the loveable eyed cat Puss in Boots we first met in Shrek. Puss is an overconfident fighter and lover of milk who works to protect an enchanted town and all of its residents.  Two seasons are currently available.  This show will have both adults and kids laughing.  My all time favourite episode is season one, episode two.

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