Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Happy Wanderer - Hiking Halton Hills

It's really easy to blame our inactivity on parenthood, but I know that's not setting a good example for our kids.  This is one of the reasons why I purposely workout in front of the minions, as well as try to incorporate some heart healthy active family outings to lead by example.  We've been lucky enough to enjoy a few hikes this summer, although hot weather usually makes hiking more spring and fall focused.  

While I'm still wistful with memories of pre-children days when weekends included very lengthy, challenging hikes, followed by even lengthier afternoon naps.  Molly and Jack have both begun to enjoy a good hike just like their mom and dad.

This weekend was no different when the minions, along with their cousins, hiked the 4KM waterfall trail at Halton Hills near Milton.  There was a nominal per person fee to get access to the conservation areas for day use trails, but it was worth it for the beautiful views.  There is no admission fee for kids under 5, kids 5-14 pay $5.00, and adult admission is $6.75 each.

Molly wanders the gravel trail as our hike "leader"

A view worth hiking towards

Jack and his cousins explore the rocks by the falls

Still Exploring...

Going up, beyond, and behind the falls, the kids even went under and got wet!

The hike was a huge success, although a little longer than we planned.  A hiker before us had decided it would be hilarious to turn one of the trail marker arrows the wrong way and we ended up hiking an extra 2KM total with four very tired kids because of someone's "Genius" prank. Seriously, who does that? Thankfully we found the offending trail arrow, fixed it, and made our way back to the car with minimal complaining, although there were a few piggy backs.  One of the coolest things about this particular trail is that by the falls there is a fire going and several picnic tables so people can stop for a snack, lunch, or even to roast marshmallows and hot dogs.  Both the minions and their cousins can't wait until our next hike.

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