Monday, 7 November 2016

Trolls: A Movie Review

This weekend we decided to take the minions to the movie to check out the new Dreamworks pics Trolls.  Here is a review from our, Molly ,and Jack's perspective.

Promo Shots for Trolls 

What's in it for the Kids?
This movie is a visual trip to the candy store, with bubble gum catchy songs and adorable little trolls. There's a whole lot of positivity, stick-to-it-iveness, and team first messaging (as no troll gets left behind) that both parent and kids can get behind.  The little kid themed humour and affection of trolls who hug every hour, (one troll poops cupcakes and another farts glitter) will keep the little ones giggling throughout.

What's in it for the Adults?
Many songs that you love to hear when you've had a few drinks at a holiday party or wedding are featured in this film ("I'm Coming Out", "Hello", "It's a Sunshine Day", and "Total Eclipse of the Heart").  Be warned, they are earworms and you'll be humming them the next day, but that's not a bad thing.  Voice talents of a lot of your favourite stars: Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Russell Brand, Zooey Deschanel, John Cleese (and heck, they even feature McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the king of the dreaded Bergen).  There are a handful of double entendre jokes intended for parents in this slightly psychedelic feeling film, but overall the movie is mostly for the kids. Basically enjoy watching your young kids eat up this sprinkle-laden, sugar coated film, and get your groove on to the fun tunes.

Best Parts of the Movie
The songs are a definite highlight here.  Justin Timberlake's cover of Cyndi Lauper's True Colours is pretty and tugs at all of the right heart strings.  Literally every child in our movie-going group climbed up into a parent's lap during this song for a cuddle.  The visuals are great, particularly if you're okay with feeling as if you're trapped in a Katy Perry video for an hour and a half.  Jack loved the little worm troll (Mr. Dinkles) and giggled with glee, jumping up and down every time he was on the screen. He also lost his mind and was grinning ear to ear when The Bergen sang "Clint Eastwood" by The Gorillas, which is one of his all time favourite songs.  For most of the movie we shushed Jack encouraging him to quiet down, but he was so excited and happy about what was going on, we also just watched him in awe thrilled at how much he was enjoying himself.

Worst Parts of the Movie
There is nothing new to this plot, but that's okay.  Basically everyone is happy in Troll land for 20 years after they escape from the terrible Bergen who eat them once a year to obtain happiness. Everything is wonderful and sparkle-filled for all Trolls except for one gloomy hyper vigilant troll named Branch (voiced by Timberlake).  When the Trolls are discovered at their 20th anniversary celebration and many are captured, it's up to positive Princess Poppy (Kendrick) and cynic Branch to save the day.  Adventure ensues, and everyone learns about happiness. The film has been described by the harsher critics as a more bubblegum laden re-make of Shrek (although I'd personally say it's more like Shrek meets Frozen).  There have also been complaints it's a cash grab for selling toys since the holiday season that's coming, but seriously what kid's movie isn't marketing their characters? This movie isn't a classic, but both kids, Jack in particular, really enjoyed it.  I'd say it's the best for the under 8-10 crowd, but a fun movie the whole family can enjoy together.

Overall Rating
I would rate this movie 3.5/5.  It's watchable and rewatchable in the background for parents who will end up watching it again and again (like us if Jack has his way) by osmosis when it's released for purchase in a few months. November is a typically grey month, why not brighten it up with some sparkle laden, pastel fun!

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