Tuesday, 13 December 2016

There's a hole in my bucket - Our Winter Bucket List

Last year winter was pretty warm.  This means it was cold enough out that we spent a lot of time indoors, but warm enough that we never managed to make it out sledding.  Like many things in life we find that if we don't write things down, fail to put them in our calendar and plan for them they never happen.

SAD tends to visit our family most years, so getting out and staying active is a must!  After our first snow storm this year, and the building of our first snowman we all sat down and built our holiday and winter bucket list.

Feel free to steal ideas from our list, and if you have any must see / must do suggestions please let us know so we can keep adding to our own list.

Molly named our first snowman of the year Miss Tenderheart

Winter 2016-2017 Family Activity Bucket List

(I've put a check mark beside the ones we've managed to complete)

  1. Build a snowman ✔
  2. Go sledding (for tips on tobogganing with toddlers click here)✔
  3. Go skating
  4. Visit the distillery holiday market ✔
  5. Attend a Marlies Game ✔ 
  6. Visit Santa ✔
  7. Build a snow fort
  8. Visit the Chill Ice House Lounge
  9. Check out holiday lights in our neighbourhood
  10. Go visit Santa Street Inglewood (Mount Pleasant and St. Clair)✔
  11. Make and decorate gingerbread men✔ 
  12. Visit the Kitchener holiday light tunnel (click here to learn about it)
  13. Throw snowballs at targets in our backyard (nope but we threw snowballs at mommy one day)
  14. Eat maple syrup snow
  15. Go tubing at Horseshoe resort✔
  16. Go swimming in an indoor/outdoor pool in the winter✔
  17. Go to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for an indoor water day (click here to read my tips for the best possible stay)✔
  18. Visit Centennial Park Greenhouse for their holiday flower display (bonus points if we make it to the candlelit event before Christmas)✔ (bonus points awarded!)

    Molly finds a leaf on the ground at Centennial Green House last year
  19. Visit the Allen Gardens Holiday Flower Display
  20. Ontario Science Centre
  21. Maple Sugar Bush activities (late winter)
  22. Make marshmallow snowmen and eat them
  23. Drink hot chocolate✔✔✔
  24. Drink hot apple cider
  25. Go to a play together✔
  26. Go to the poop cafe (this one's for Jackie)✔
  27. Build a snow dog (Molly's suggestion)
  28. Go to an indoor playground✔
  29. Have a kid themed high tea at the Victorian Garden Tea Room in Etobicoke
  30. Make a snow candy cane (Jack's suggestion)

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