Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Things My Kids Say As Posted On Twitter

During these times, the small moments can be especially important. Not everything my kids say or do warrants a blog post.  This is why I like to share this roundup and snippets of recent conversations I've had with M&J as shared on Twitter. 

Dad: Are you interested in playing sports at the park? J: maybe puppets? #parenting #gosports

J: can you check and see whether or not it’s legal to own a caiman in Toronto? Me: I can, but the law is not what is preventing you from owning a crocodile. J: huh.

During a recent binge watching of #johnwick we realized we'd both go "full wick" if anything happened to the kids, but would tire of it quickly should someone take out the other parent. I feel this is a pretty accurate representation of #parenting

Added “do not put a Jason mask on the dog” to the list of things I never thought I’d say #parenting #thingskidssay

M: J has a great memory, so what are my super powers? Me: One of your super powers is your charisma. M: Clamisma? Is that a disease? Am I going to be okay? Me: Never mind #parenting

Me: You can go and watch some TV after you clean up your craft supplies. J: Okay. Me: I love you. J: I love TV #parenting

This morning began with a 5 minute debate over why J should be allowed to have a KitKat for breakfast. Convincing arguments and debate skills that counts as #homeschooling right?

J: Can I have some beef jerky? Me: No it's only for days we go on hikes. J: But I'm an apex predator. Me: Go find something else. J: You wouldn't say no if I was a lion. (Not sure where he's going with this argument) #parenting

“No you can’t play your harmonica in bed to help you fall asleep tonight.” Words I never thought I’d have to say but now have #parenting

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