Friday, 9 March 2012

Born This Way

The minions turn 7 months tomorrow and this week in anticipation of that milestone I consulted my, What to Expect in the First Year book to see where my children stacked up.  They are progressing nicely in all areas, except for sounds.  Neither has made a mamama or dadadada like the book suggests.  This week while on a walk with my neighbor, a mother of a six month old baby, we decided that parents surveyed for the speaking milestones exaggerate, they lie, or they hear what they want to.  Or our children just aren't that vocal yet.  Either way, I'm sure that they'll all get there - eventually.

This realization led to a discussion with my husband where we both acknowledged that our son's primary mode of communication since month 4, nearly half of his life, has been raspberries (AKA fart noises) followed by a low husky giggle.*  My husband claims, although there were no witnesses, that Jack said a single Da while looking at him this week.  In light of my son's new found fondness for high fives (followed by a low husky giggle) I suggest that perhaps he was trying to say dude.  After spending 7 months with the little man I strongly believe that we are raising Jeff Spicoli.  The other day he did say Ba and kind of gestured towards a bottle**.  Maybe we're reading too much into our little party dude.  Sometimes he sleeps in until 11am, what baby does that?  He's also been known to lunge at any available glass of wine, thanks to nana, grampa and my own*** old school solution to teething.

I don't know if we've unfairly projected this image onto our son because of his surprising easy going nature and brooding eyes or if this is who he's going to be today, tomorrow and for the rest of his life.  Yesterday my mom told me that my children reminded her of Max and Ruby...from what I know of Max and Ruby I'm pretty sure I should be offended.****  I don't know why we equate being nice with a lesser intelligence and why Jack's easy nature makes the two an automatic odd couple.  I don't want her to be the Jessie Spano to his Zack Morris, The Alex P. Keaton to his Mallory or even worse the Lisa Simpson to his Bart.  Molly, please don't be a Lisa Simpson, Lisa episodes are the worst.

*This giggle is akin to Beavis's hehehehehe.
**A noise and cavemanesque gesture his father has been known to make at his beer late on a Saturday night.
***Yeah, I'm guilty of it too.
****Max is a little dullard and Ruby is a bossy know-it-all.  My mom assured me that the show has toned down Ruby's bossiness, but I'm not convinced or willing to watch to find out.

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