Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lik My Trakter

Almost anyone who lives in Toronto has felt the, We need to cut everything that WE* feel isn't worthy of receiving city funding, this past year.  Particularly personal hits for me were threats to High Park's Animal Paddocks/Zoo, Riverdale Farm and any city library.  There are so many wonderful things that make Toronto so great and I really want to make sure that we get to share them with the minions.

When I received an invitation, as a mom blogger, from Farmers Feed Cities to attend an event at Riverdale Farm I was really excited.  Then I was a little hesitant because I remembered the Vancouver Aquarium Disaster where Molly decided that anything bigger than a human shouldn't exist in her world.  She coped by hysterically screaming and crying while Jack happily smiled at the dolphins and belugas.

After I solicited the support of my good friend, The Granken, I was confident that we could all attend, learn something and better deal with a THIS ANIMAL IS FREAKING ME OUT meltdown from Miss Molly.

Here's some of what we learned from Farmers Feed Cities:
  • 1 Ontario Farm produces enough food for 120 people.
  • Farming is Ontario's second largest industry.
  • 98% of Ontario Farms are family owned.
  • Hens lay over 320 eggs per year, almost one a day.**
  • If you're growing spinach in your garden, pick it with the roots and put it in water to keep it fresh longer.
  • A big part of the egg industry is breeding chicks so that other farms have healthy, properly raised hens that will produce eggs for them.

Here's what we learned from my children:
  • Jack liked the turkeys the best, and thought they were really funny.  He thought the information clipboard beside the turkeys was even better and he beat the crap out of it while he giggled.
  • Our reaction to laugh like jackals when a plastic plate blew up and slapped Molly in the face during lunch before checking to see if she was okay was not mom normal.
  • Molly can take a plastic plate in the face like a champ, without crying or fussing, as long as The Granken gives her a quarter full water bottle to shake and spill everywhere.
  • While aquatic mammals are not Molly's thing, horses are amazing and can induce a state of calm and awe.**

We had a great time, learned a lot and will definitely make a trip to the farm and donate annually.  We will also make a greater effort to get out to some farmers markets to ensure we buy locally and support Ontario's rural community.  If you are looking for a Toronto Farmers Market near you - try this link

I guess I need to find Molly a horse or unicorn for her first birthday.  That's really going to blow our fifty dollar per child budget.

*Ahem (Rob Ford), Gravy train....
**I thought this number would be much higher, like 2 or 3 eggs per day.  When I told Chris about this he gave me that Pshaw silly city girl look then made a comment about just because I produce multiple eggs in one cycle it doesn't mean that this applies to all other creatures and animals.
***After-all, they are just one horn away from being unicorns.

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