Friday, 12 July 2013

Hot Legs

Strange things happen when for several consecutive days the priorities of the home shift from your kids and the running of the house to a 14 year old Tabby cat.  This week, on top of Toronto's Floodaggedon*, our cat had to go in for a second round of surgery to remove one of his back legs because of a super aggressive tumour.  This means** that we spent hours in the car and at the vet's office to ensure that our tripod cat made it home safely.  This also means that other household items get dropped, compounded with the fact that we still don't have a washer*** and we have to get creative with making due until we get time and energy again.

How Did Our Household Suffer this week?

Jack wore his alligator bathing suit to school today because all of his shorts are beyond disgusting.

We ran out of  diapers at daycare and had to troll through all of our "travel diapers" of various sizes and levels of squishedness from the trunk of the car, diaper bags and strollers so the kids can squeak by (each child was not allowed to soil more than six diapers today).  I'm also fairly certain that one of the emergency diapers I dropped off at daycare was used on a walk last week to wipe chocolate off of Jack's face after I ran out of wet wipes.  Here's hoping that they don't think I'm providing pre-defecated diapers for my children.****

We used cream sunscreen on our children instead of spray on which, on top of the added fight from the boy child, had Molly leaving a Jokeresque white face mark impression on my work clothes as I carried her to the car.

I used the last clean towel this morning, which meant that Chris had to dry off after his shower with a bath robe. 

We fell asleep on the couch at 8:30pm last night and no matter how much we wanted to spend "grown-up" time together it just wasn't as luring as that siren called sleep.

Thankfully everyone is safe and well, albeit broke, and our cat now looks like Dr. Evil and is missing a leg.  If anyone needs me I'll be at Walmart stocking up on supplies.

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*Thankfully we kept power in our house and water on the outside.  Unfortunately not everyone was so lucky.
**That the cat is single-handedly (or footedly) trying to give the minions a run for their money on being the most expensive creature in our house.
***But we ordered one last night, with delivery tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'm not dragging garbage bags of dirty clothes over to my folks place next week.
****You can't call child services for that, right?

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