Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Say My Name

Selecting a name is a really big deal, just ask anyone on the Royal Baby name watch this week.  It's huge, will they name him Spencer?  I'd say I didn't care, but baby heir has inspired a post, so I can't feign complete indifference.  We felt an equal pressure* to make sure that both children had names that we loved and could live with well into adult years, or until they were old enough to make a call on a name change if they decided they couldn't stand it any more. 

Some how the pressure of selecting two names seemed more daunting to us.  Perhaps this was because we knew that as twins, their names would be said and written side by side for years to come. 

In our quest for a name, we first spoke to any twins that we came across asking them for tips on names (what not to do), child rearing and anything that particularly grinded their gears about being twins. 

We immediately decided that we didn't want to conform to some conventional twin naming trends: no rhyming names, no names that started with the same letter or formed a word together or were of famous couples.  We also ruled out names that would point out their twinness.** We found out the genders of our in utero spawn and came up with a short list of boy and girl names, complete with backup names should our ultrasound prove wrong.  Then we tried the shortlist out with our last name, together as a collective, as well as separately.  I trolled sites to look at meanings of names, popularity, and how people with a specific name felt about their name (looking to see how or if they were teased about their name).  Here are some facts about the minions names:


 Molly Meaning - Of the Sea, Bitter*** Interesting Note - The most common names for a female dog is Molly as Molly is the "pet name" version of the name Mary.

My favourite comments we've received about the name Molly
"Oh, you're way too feisty to be a Mary aren't you?"
 "If she has a giant mole on her face you need to change her name so she isn't Moley Molly."

Songs about Molly (trust me songs with your children's name in them come in handy during colic, illness or just for fun). 
Molly's Lips
Good Golly Miss Molly
Anna Molly
Obla Di Obla Da

Famous Molly's
Molly Ringwald, Molly Shannon, Molly Parker, Molly Grue, Molly Bloom, Molly Weasley 


Jack Meaning - Diminutive of John (God is gracious) Interesting Note - Jack is the 4th most common pet name for a male dog.****

 My favourite comment we've received about the name Jack
"What a nice, normal name and here I thought you were going to name him Apple, Bear or something else a hippy would."

Strangest comment we receive (and we get this one on a regular basis)
"'Hi Jack, Hi Jack!  Better not say that at the airport."......groan..

Famous Jack's
Jack Sparrow, Jack Nicholson, my grandfather, Jack Skellington, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Jack be Nimble, Jack Spratt

Songs about Jack
Jack and Dianne
Hit the Road Jack
Jumping Jack Flash

Happy naming Kate and William!  I wanted to insert a joke somewhere in this post about Rumplestiltskin and one about The Never Ending Story, but I'm guessing the Royal Child won't be named Moon Child.

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*That's right, I'm comparing Chris and I to "royals", although, unfortunately I didn't have a royal hairdresser to come in and make sure I had a blow out post delivery.
**No Anthony and Cleopatra, Sid and Nancy and no Quinn "the twin".
***Ironic, no?
****Clearly we should have just gotten puppies as both would cost us lots of money, terrorize the cat and ruin the furniture.

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