Friday, 17 January 2014

Honey Honey

Jack has been sick this week.  He has a bad cough...and since it's currently recommended that children don't take cough medicine until after they are old enough to physically drive to the drug store themselves, we are in a Robitussin/Buckley's free house where Jack's cough keeps him (and everyone else) up at night.

Thankfully, he's on the mend after some TLC from nana and poppa, Popsicles, a cold air vaporizer and some homeopathic cough medicine as recommended by our nurse practitioner.  From what I can surmise it's mostly honey.  Jack hates it, but it works so I've been wrestling him into the sleeper hold several times a day so I can syringe* it into his mouth.  Then I wait to see if he spits it into my face, passively opens his mouth and lets the syrup run down his chin or just accepts his fate: repeat.  I call this cough syrup roulette.

Enter the sketchy mascot on the homeopathic cough syrup. I don't believe that this koala went to medical school and his doctor light is as askew-ed.  Koala's don't even eat honey and I'm fairly certain there is no eucalyptus in this product.  His "crazy" bleary eyed face would have him failing any road side test.

Chris thinks he's cute...and that maybe Boiron's (the distributor) head office is in Australia.   It's not, it's in France.  The medicine seems to be working, so the kooky marsupial can hang around a little while longer.

For those of you also dealing with sick ones or for future reference, here are some ideas or "life hack solutions" for dealing in a land free of narcotic solutions that Cloudy With a Chance of Wine compiled: 20 tips & tricks for dealing with a sick child from moms I trust

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*I never thought I'd use the word syringe as a verb, but here we are.

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