Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Always Be My Baby

There are so many moments surrounding parenthood that we can't wait to share.  We proclaim them from the social media mountain top and wear them like badges to validate that we are "good" parents.

Then there are the others....the times when you have one of those days and even worse, the times when one of those days lasts for five days.  These are the times that you probably won't take pictures and post them on Facebook.  On Friday when we picked up the minions from daycare we got word that Molly had a fever of 100.5 and climbing, so we braced ourselves for the weekend.  These are the times when all of the parental rules that we try to maintain on a daily basis for the sake of our sanity go out the window.

toddler girl with books

Toddler in the Bed
Do you know what makes our bed so great?  That there aren't any toddlers in it 99.9% of the time.  But on Friday night when Molly was up with the chills I sandwiched her between us and we were serenaded with a running commentary about EVERYTHING known to man as we tried to sleep, "That's my blanket." "You're my mommy." "This is my juice." "I'm wearing pajamas." "Jack is sleeping."

Dessert for Dinner
Molly didn't eat much this weekend, so when she requested ice cream for dinner, Chris went out to the store to buy it for her immediately - no questions asked.

Inappropriate Television
We are pretty strict about what and how much television the children are allowed to watch.  When they're sick we let them watch a lot more TV than the half hour a day they are accustomed to.   Late Saturday night we may or may not have applied cold compresses to Molly's back to bring down her fever while watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: because let's face it: Neil Patrick Harris makes everyone feel better.

As we spent the weekend with our sick little girl a lot of things occurred to me: she isn't a baby any more, she calls my name most of the time instead of crying and when she's laying on top of me her height spans a considerable portion of my 5 foot 1 frame.

I spent much of this weekend begging for Molly's fever to break, pleading with Advil to relieve her symptoms and wanting to hit fast forward.  As tired as I am, I know that these moments we share with her in the middle of the night are the ones I am going to remember for the rest of my life, even if she isn't, which probably isn't a bad thing because Harold and Kumar isn't very appropriate TV watching for a two year old.

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  1. I had a toddler in the bed last night and as I was laying there with feet in my face, I had to wonder when I became "that mom"

  2. I have a lot of friends who are mothers and it's blog entries like this that make them feel better about their own lives because of course everyone has moments/days/weeks/lives like this and it helps to know other people go through the same thing and it's not bad, it's just necessity. Hope miss Molly is feeling better.