Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Run to the Hills

On Family Day this year we took the kids tobogganing on the hill at Jeff Healey Park with their cousins: It was fun, interesting and exhausting....

9 Things About Tobogganing with Toddlers (or our toddlers anyway)

  1. A hill becomes significantly steeper when you are pulling up a toboggan and a toddler passenger who refuses to walk, especially when cousins "hop-on" half way up the hill for a free ride back to the top.
  2. The hill becomes even more Mount Everestesque when said toddler refuses to hold onto the sled, rolling off and you have to carry them under your arm like a football.
  3. You will lose at least one mitten, glove or hat  (Thanks to Aunt M. for retrieving Jack's bear hat for us).
  4. Compact cars are not built to transport old timey toboggans, every time we hit a bump on the drive over we got to experience a new radio station, CD or tape courtesy of the rear end of the toboggan. Our sled favours Depeche Mode and light jazz.
  5. If you are not fast enough getting eager toddlers back down the hill they will quite literally attempt  to throw themselves down the hill solo, sleds be damned - Jack.
  6. Children do not care about crashing into other children, in fact most of the time they find it kind of funny. 
  7. No matter how many times a child giggles and yells "More, More!" at the bottom of the hill, you may still need to give them a pep talk when you get back to the top - Molly.
  8. They will pee their pants and it will freeze.
  9. Tobogganing doesn't end when the kids get tired, it ends when the parents have had enough.

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