Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hats off to the Stranger

On New Years Day 2013, I came across a great blog entry by the Bloggess where she tracked the strangest search results that led people to her blog.  After this I started keeping a closer eye on the random things that bring people to Multiple Momstrosity and hopefully keep some visitors.  In the first six months of 2014 I saw nearly 35,000 visitors and I'm so happy for the support and connection with many families, parents and friends.  I hope that many of you are regular visitors and enjoy my take on life with two plucky toddlers, although I still assume that many people stumble across this blog by accident in the search of other things (like porn and videos of guys getting punched in the crotch) because even Google can't predict everything we are searching for.

patio time with kids

Below in bold are the strangest/most memorable search terms that have led people to my blog in the past six months.  I hope that it helps some of you explore some of my older items that you may have missed.

Justin Bieber Strip
There are so many more clever things that others have said about young Justin that I know I can't come up with anything better.  Disappointed visitors who searched this were taken to an entry where I praise Comic Strip Mama for her cartoon take on the "Biebs"

Sarabeth Stroller Orgy
I have no words for this one - nor do I want to understand what it means.  "I don't know what you have planned tonight Homer but count me out!".  This brought people to my description on what a "Candy Orgy" is after our rental car got broken into in BC.

Kids Fight Over Bong
There is a lot of content on YouTube featuring kids fighting over a bong, unfortunately this has nothing to do with my blog.  This takes you to a post where I talk about Wonder Woman being violated at the minion's first birthday party and when Cher from Clueless gets bong water spilled on her shoes because of Breckin Meyer, which also leads me to add that this is the second time I've written about Breckin and what he did to Molly's name.

Comparing Different Boobs
This search led people to a post about how I turn momvisible when I'm pushing my children in a stroller.

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