Friday, 3 October 2014

5 Little Pumpkins

Everyone thinks you're the autumn Grinch because you're not keen on the whole pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING trend?  Here's my list of some harvest related things to enjoy this fall that have absolutely nothing to do with pumpkin.  I dedicate this to anyone who just doesn't get the big deal and is sick of hearing everyone talk about how awesome pumpkin spice is.  For the record I like pumpkin spice, but I don't like like it, we're just friends.

Tiki carved Pumpkin
Tiki Pumpkin from a few years ago!


  1. Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte - This is supposed to taste like a Guinness.  I can't say I've tried this yet, but I will, preferably at a time of day that if I think it's yucky, I can chase it with a good old fashioned stout. 
  2. Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks - I tried this recipe a little while ago and I'm in love.  This is one of the best fall dinner sides ever!
  3. Garlicky Baked Butter Nut Squash - I found a recipe in Oh She Glows that described this as "the best way you will ever, ever, ever eat butternut squash." I'm intrigued and ordered Butter Nut Squash in my next fruit and veggies delivery basket. 
  4. Soup Exchange -  This has been a fall tradition for years now.  I wrote something about how to host your own soup exchange on How Do You Do It last fall (the irony is not lost on me that I have also provided a recipe for spiced pumpkin soup in the mentioned post).  You can determine a way to punish anyone who brings pumpkin soup to your exchange (scalding with hot soup, forbid them to dip bread...whatever you choose).
  5. Mulled Wine -  I love sitting on a lawn chair in my backyard with a warm blanket on my lap and a tasty cup of mulled winey goodness while I watch the stars.
  6. It's Decorative Gourd Season Mother... - Read McSweeney's Internet Classic on Decorative Gourd Season (not for those who are offended by *ahem* colourful language.) 
  7. Apple Picking, Pies, Cider EVERYTHING APPLES - Enjoy the many forms of apples, perhaps with a good cheese plate.

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