Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Favourite Things - The Molly Edition

A while ago I wrote about the "break in case of emergency" electronic distractions reserved for when we're out with the kids and my usual bag of tricks isn't working.  Thankfully both children continue to get better at entertaining themselves and we don't need these quite as often as we used to, say six months ago.

That being said, there are numerous things, technology or otherwise, that make our lives significantly easier or more enjoyable when it comes to the minions.

Oprah is allowed her list of favourite things, well this is Molly's list of things that she loves and that make our lives significantly easier or more pleasurable.  Note: I receive absolutely no monetary benefit from anything mentioned below.

Molly has long hair, and the patience/attention span of a pre-schooler.  She is also really sensitive, prone to tangles and has a penchant for dumping sandbox sand and other ridiculous things onto her head.  About six months ago I finally broke down and bought a tangle free brush and this has saved endless tears and struggles.  I assure you, there are still days when there are tears over tangles, but these are fewer and farther between.

tangle-free hair brush, solving tangles in kids
Tangle Free brushes (generally range between $10-20 depending on the store).

The minions spend a lot of time listening to music.  At home we rarely play children's music because as a parent how many times can you listen to Let It Go without banging your head against the wall?  That being said, Miss Molly has her own taste in music.  While we were driving home from swimming lessons last week Lorde's Royals came on the radio and Molly told me it was her Jam (she didn't actually say it was her Jam, but she told me it was her favourite song).  

We get a lot of requests for songs from favourite movies and stories, but Molly also likes to mix it up.  She loves Bob Marley and Simon and Garfunkle while Jack prefers Neil Diamond, David Bowie.  Slightly related, Jack's favourite "lullaby" is Iron Man

Here are two favourite and highly requested songs by Molly that have killed time in a waiting room, and have been fun to listen to in case you're looking to expand your little ones’ musical horizons.  A small warning, both of my children love villains and these picks aren't your typical children's fare:

Little Red Riding Hood - Cover by Amanda Seyfried (Oddly enough, the original version was one of Chris' favourite childhood songs as well.)

Once Upon A Dream – from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (based on a Tchaikovsky piece that lyrics were put to).  Molly likes both the Sleeping Beauty version, but also likes the Lana Del Rey Version..which I admit we encourage.

What non-traditional "children's" songs do your kids like?  What products make parenting easier for you?

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