Monday, 3 August 2015

Come & Buy My Toys

I have been forced to revisit, again, that whenever Chris and I figure out something that we think is super clever parenting, it totally bites us.  The minions, being very lucky pre-schoolers, have a lot of toys.  They have toys they inherited from Chris and my childhood, they have the spoils of a fairly lengthy claw-machine addiction Chris had in the mid-to-late 2000's and a hefty supply of toys from very generous friends and family.

For a long time I sought out a solution to house all of "the stuffies" in the nursery.  I was sick of our living room looking like a daycare centre and Molly and Jack's room was getting pretty ridiculous. After some significant time on Pinterest, we discovered many versions of a "stuffed animal zoo" to host Molly and Jack's toys and I asked my father to make it.  The Stuffed Animal Zoo (AKA "Toy Prison" when we are out of the minions earshot) has been a great way to keep the room neat and tidy and has made clean-up faster. Our new toy organization system has been so effective that I debated skipping our semi-annual toy donation cull, until tonight.

The Zoo (AKA the Big House)

When we put Molly and Jack to bed each night, there are rules to what they are allowed to do post bedtime:

  1. You can talk quietly.
  2. You can play with toys in your bed.
  3. You can look at books...
  4. But you have to stay in bed.  

Tonight those rules were broken.  Molly decided that the three stuffies that were provided at bedtime were no longer meeting her needs.   Molly needed: ALL OF THE STUFFIES! The obvious solution was to have her brother facilitate a jail break, while she lay in bed and he piled all of the toys around her.

When I went upstairs investigate the rowdy noise of intense giggling an hour post regular bed time I was met with a surprise.  I opened the door and noticed a larger than usual mass on the bed, so I turned on the light and discovered a mountain of toys that had been freed around my daughter.  The escape artist was nearby, he was shockingly not in bed!

Mount toys!

The big "problem" with having all the stuffed animals in one central location is simple: EASY ACCESS to late night adventures and midnight jail breaks.  As we put all of the toys back into the zoo we decided that it probably is time for some toy donations and that papa needs to work on improving security at the stuffie zoo.

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