Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Revolution (Resolution) - Part 2

Once again I find myself dividing my New Year's Resolution update into two parts.  Perhaps I was too ambitious this year and will tone it down next...I don't know, but I doubt it.  To read my first update at 6ish months into the year click here.

Make Family Health a Priority
I am super proud of Chris and I both for making bigger dinners (that result in us packing more lunches and buying less food on the go).  I've been trying out a number of new recipes, although probably not the one new recipe a week I'd hoped for as we enjoy plenty of fresh salads and the BBQ lately.  I wanted to share another loved recipe of ours that came via my nutritionist for lentil burritos.  This freezes well and can be easily be used for dinner, a packed lunch or a rainy day when you don't feel like putting a lot of effort.

As for exercise it's been pretty easy with it being so beautiful outside most days. On weekdays I've made an effort every day to get off the subway a stop or two early and walk into work each morning and go for at least a half hour walk to run errands on my lunch.  We've been consciously walking with Molly and Jack to the grocery store for small hauls to get their billy goat legs ready for the walk from before and after school care to and from kindergarten each morning.  We've only managed a handful of hikes so far this summer, but hope to get more in over the next three-four months before autumn turns cold.

Molly and Jack lean in for a Panda Bear Hug

Book Two Dates with Chris Every Month
We go out without the kids regularly, however a lot of the time it's to events with our friends and not "dates", although we both really value the time we spend at beer gardens, playing rec league softball or enjoying some great concerts and catch up with our pals.  Later this month is our 10 year wedding anniversary and Grandma and Grandpa are watching Molly and Jack while we go out for a romantic dinner.  We have a few more things planned over the coming months to celebrate the big TEN, but more on that another time.

Focus My Energy on Important People in My Life
I have been trying to say thank you more to show how much I appreciate all of the wonderful people we have in our and Molly and Jack's lives.  I am trying to figure out something to do for all of the wonderful ECE workers who have spent so much time with Molly and Jack over the past three years and continue to try to be more giving to the people who have been so great with us.

An inspirational quote I used to motivate myself this winter that I saw at the Douglas Coupland Exhibit this past winter/spring.

Stop Complaining and Take Action
This can mean so many things. Sometimes you need to vent, other times you just need to roll up your sleeves and jump in.  This past December I successfully completed my post graduate diploma in Public Relations and decided to take this knowledge in the pursuit of new career challenges. The job hunt was exhausting, exciting, frustrating and a little bit scary. I am now one month into a new job and proud of my leap off of the diving stop a focus on promoting my writing!

Back to enjoying my summer as I listen to the crickets in the backyard....hope you're enjoying yours!

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