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Don't Speak - 49 Date Night Activities

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on 51 conversation starters for date nights, as I know that many friends and I have all struggled to focus date night on reconnecting rather than parenting responsibilities and work stresses.  When we take the time to really connect with each other it strengthens our bonds, whether if we're out on dates with our spouse or on an overdue catch-up with friends.

Here's the thing, sometimes we don't feel like talking, or forcing a conversation, we're too tired, spent an entire day in meetings, or negotiating with a very stubborn four year old. That doesn't mean that we don't want to have a great time together.  Sometimes it helps to make the centre of the date about an activity, making the conversation tends to follow a lot more naturally.

49 Date Night Activities Where Fun Comes First, Conversation Second 

Yahtzee is a go to game staple at our house...on a side note we write down whatever is going on in our lives at the time on all score sheets (we even have an old score sheet from the night we got engaged)

  1. Play some pool
  2. Visit a museum or art gallery
  3. Have an arcade night out, or get your hands on some classic arcade games to enjoy at home (Ms. Pacman night anyone?)
  4. Karaoke or some old school Rock Band
  5. Schedule a beer or wine tasting (at home or at a local gastro pub or brewery)
  6. Attend a poetry reading or open mic, feeling brave?  Go on up!
  7. Check out a concert, big band, great venue, or hidden gem at your neighbourhood hole in the wall.
  8. Go bowling
  9. Play some miniature golf
  10. Get on a boat (canoe, kayak or paddle boat)
  11. Look for a carnival or fun fair, win some prizes, eat some funnel cake
  12. Play some ping pong
  13. Challenge your date to a game of cards (Chris and I have an ongoing cribbage tournament for quiet evenings and big competition, enjoy Crazy Eight Countdown)
  14. Play a cooperative board game (we're currently digging the game Pandemic)
  15. Attend a cooking class together
  16. Hit a drive in movie
  17. Go pick some fruit, bonus points to anyone who make pies or jams together afterwards
  18. Take a hike together, go somewhere really breath taking
  19. Go skating or roller-skating or roller-blading
  20. Go to a comedy club, just don't sit in the front row unless you want to take your chances on being included in a stand-up routine

    Chris rockin out to the Metallica pinball machine at Emporium Arcade Bar in Chicago
  21. Take a dance class
  22. Visit an escape room, need more players, make it a double or triple date
  23. Check out a local sports team
  24. Go biking
  25. Look for a bar trivia night and work together to beat other teams (you've totally got this!)
  26. Take a walking tour of a neighbourhood (Janes Walk is a great resource to get started)
  27. Hit a flea market or go antiquing for something special
  28. Try Geocaching 
  29. Attend an art class together
  30. Volunteer for a worthy cause together
  31. Get theatrical, see a play
  32. Try an improv class (okay, maybe there will be a lot of talking involved here)
  33. Go to a spa together (or to save some money pamper each other at home)
  34. Go on a cruise (booze cruise or sight seeing)
  35. Go rock or wall climbing
  36. Take a couples yoga class
  37. Go to a farmer's market
  38. Need to work out some frustration?  How about a game of laser tag or paintball
  39. Want to take target, consider an archery class, playing darts or ax throwing
  40. Play some poker, want to make things interesting? How about a game of strip poker?
  41. Attend a lecture together (it could be on a topic that one or both of you are passionate about, academically or extra-curricular)
  42. Take a ghost tour
  43. Hit the driving range, or play a round of golf
  44. Have a photo shoot, or draw each other
  45. Read a book (or book series) together, this can become a nightly or weekly activity
  46. Get out the dice and play a game of Yahtzee
  47. Try a bookstore date challenge (to learn how click here)
  48. Play Frisbee or catch
  49. Hit the batting cages
Have other date ideas, comment below!

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