Tuesday, 23 August 2016


The other night, just before bed, Molly and I were talking about sand castles and mud pies.  I told her about a dessert that I'd enjoyed as a little girl called "Dirt Pudding", an edible take on making mud pies in a garden.  When she looked up at me with those big green/blue eyes and said, "Momma, can we please make those one day?" my heart melted and I couldn't say no.

The next day we went to the dollar store and grocery store to get our supplies, and Molly, Jack and I happily began our work on the gross-out dessert that they were sure to love.

Important Mudd pudding supplies

An important note: When you're 5-years-old and anxiously awaiting to decorate and eat a dessert, the 15 minutes spent waiting for fast set pudding to set can feel like an eternity, so I served the minions lunch and set the oven timer so we'd be ready to get to work right away.

Molly decorates her "bucket" of dirt pudding with oreo crumbs "dirt" and gummy worms.

Our "bucket" of worms became our instant eat, mucky dessert, whereas our mini mason jars, complete with lids were sealed to enjoy later and happily share with friends.

"Dirt" Dessert on the Go

Look at those sour worms wiggle!

When we finished preparing (and devouring) our dessert, I asked Molly what she wanted to do next, and we decided to play snakes and ladders in the backyard at her and Jack's suggestion.  I would have never thought to take a board game outside, so I'm glad I asked.

There were some competitive tears when someone who shall remain nameless got rather upset about landing on a snake and losing their lead, but they quickly got over it, all while both kids practiced their counting.

Ready, steady, PLAY!

I can't wait to show the kids Apple Peanut Butter "teeth" later on this week.  I may get the hang of these "kids take the lead" lazy summer days, just in time for Labour Day!

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