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Ghostbusters, A Movie Review

While Ghostbusters, 2016 is probably much more appropriate for bigger kids as well as grown ups (the biggest kids of all) I still thought it would be a good idea to provide a review based on a recent "grown-up" movie night out to check out the Ghostbusters reboot.

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What's in it for the Kids?
This movie is for big kids, not little kids. We personally plan to show Molly and Jack the original movies to get a feel for how they'd react before introducing them to the reboot.  They will probably be at least seven before we introduce them to the franchise, depending on how they react to other semi-scary movies (We plan on testing Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and  Nightmare Before Christmas before we introduce them to the world of Slimer, and ectoplasm).  This movie is an empowering take on friendship, team work, smarts, and (I'll just go ahead and say it) competent women who work in science, math and academics to serve as some pretty amazing role models. There is no nudity or sex in this movie (if you're the type of parent who wants to shield your kids from this, but is okay with scary ghosts).

What's in it for the Adults?
This movie does a good job of re-establishing a classic franchise without actively acknowledging the original Ghostbusters in the plot.  All of you die hard original cast Ghostbusters fans will be happy to know that are a lot of great cameos from the original series to keep you entertained throughout as you search for these Easter Eggs.  Anyone who can't get over the Ghostbusters being women, (notice I didn't say girls), grow up and get over yourself!

Best Parts of the Movie
Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones steal the show in this movie as supporting characters who are more than worthy of lead roles.  They are fun, fierce, and funny in a way that has me wanting to dress up as a Ghostbuster this Halloween.  The film keeps it's campy roots, along with a few moments that will give you a startled jump, everything you want or need in a Ghostbusting film.  I can't say enough how awesome McKinnon is at Holtzmann, this character is everything anyone could ever want in a ghostbuster, period.

Worst Parts of the Movie
This movie has two major flaws in my opinion: 1) The script doesn't use the talents of Wiig or McCarthy at all, they are literally the two least funny and entertaining characters in the film (and I don't think it's their fault) and 2) There is a plot dip in the middle of the movie that drags a little, particularly the gag about Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist (we get it, he's hot, let's move on and fight some ghosts).

Overall Rating
I would rate this movie 4/5.  It's watchable and re watchable for people who grew up with the original Ghostbusters.  I would gladly watch it again and would go and see the sequel if/when it comes out, I just hope they amp up Wiig and McCarthy and let them shine like they normally do.  Maybe the minions will be old enough to see the second one with us in theatres by the time it comes out!

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