Friday, 31 March 2017

Thank You For The Music

March has marked a rough month sleep wise in our home.  There have been growing pains, stomach aches, and nightmares; most frequently popping up the night before mom or dad have a big work meeting, because that's just the way life is sometimes.

Most of these middle of the night scream serenades wake up the entire house, which means we have not one, but two little ones who are awake and want to crawl into bed with mom and dad.  This is where our spare room comes in handy.  We've been tired, and we've been grumpy as a result, but I'm thankful for a flexible work schedule that allows for the minions to sleep in a little so I can walk them to school on the mornings following a particularly rough night on nightmare mountain - even if it means more night shifts plugging away on my laptop.

As I dropped the kids off at school this morning (last night there was an epic nightmare about a fire monster) I realized that Molly has stopped kissing me goodbye at the school yard. I'm guessing she feels a little too grown up for that now.  I still get a hug, but nothing more before she runs off to greet her friends.  She's also requested an alarm clock so she can wake up, get dressed and ready for school without the assistance of mom, which is fantastic - I mean we want to raise our kids to be independent adults, but it also stings a little.

A picture snapped by a friend years ago of Molly asleep in my carrier on a hike

One of the things I'm finding about having multiples as your only children (or having only children I imagine) is that once a phase is over it's gone forver.  We couldn't wait to get over diapers and full-time daycare costs, but I'll admit I miss the feeling of a baby falling asleep in my arms, those kisses from Molly at drop off, and the way that Molly used to call Wheat Thin Crackers Hayden Crackers.
Both kids still run to me with open arms and big hugs whenever I pick them up from school or aftercare, but I know that those days are limited too.  It helps a little that Jack is really affectionate and in a little less of a hurry to grow up than his sister

So as we continue to have our bed invaded by little star fishes on a regular basis I'm trying to savour it instead of begrudging it.  I'll cuddle them, stroke their hair and watch their little cherub cheeks while I can.  I mean a full night sleep would also be great, but for now I'm going to enjoy today, and maybe take a nap if I can.

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