Thursday, 23 March 2017

There's A Hole In My Bucket: Our Spring Family Bucket List

The minions really loved knocking items off of our winter bucket list and it definitely inspired us to book stuff and get out and move, even when we were tempted to just curl up and binge on some Netflix.  We didn't do great on our list, but we got out there and tried a lot of new things and knocked 14 of the 30 things off.  Since some of the items are still doable for spring we moved a couple over to our spring bucket list that we worked on collectively as a family last night.

This list is designed to get us out there and enjoy everything that spring has to offer; I'm hoping that we do better on this one than we did on our winter one!

Feel free to steal ideas from our list, and if you have any must see / must do suggestions please let us know so we can keep adding to our own list.  I'll be adding check marks and writing posts as we cross stuff off our to do list.
An oldie but a goodie picture of little Molly enjoying the great outdoors

  1. Attend a Maple Syrup Festival✔
  2. Plant a garden✔
  3. Go and see Beauty & the Beast in Theatres✔
  4. Go and see Boss Baby in Theatres✔
  5. Go Camping in June✔
  6. Go to the Victorian Tea House for a family tea (we hosted our own tea with Nana for Mother's Day) ✔
  7. Explore three new playgrounds or parks✔
  8. Visit neighbourhood gardens for ideas✔
  9. Go and see the cherry blossoms in High Park✔
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Try using a scooter
  12. Ride our bikes (learning to ride a bike)
  13. Complete a nature themed scavenger hunt
  14. Go on three hikes✔✔

    A moment from an autumn hike
  15. Draw a giant rainbow using sidewalk chalk✔
  16. Make Toronto beautiful with a park clean up day
  17. Enjoy the sun and lay on the ground to watch the sun and the clouds
  18. Do family Easter egg hunt✔
  19. Make a flower crown out of dandelions
  20. Jump in muddy puddles
  21. Go to a baseball game with daddy✔
  22. Go to an outdoor flea market or craft market
  23. Go to garage sales✔
  24. Throw stones in the water✔
  25. Go for a walk along the water on the lake and beach
  26. Make a spring themed rainbow dessert
  27. Bust out that BBQ for some grilled food✔
  28. Visit a farm
  29. Go to the Zoo ✔
  30. May the 4th Star Wars Themed Event✔

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