Friday, 28 April 2017

So Sorry, Happy Mother's Day

I can't believe that it's that time of year again. In just a couple of weeks  it will be Mother's Day.  In annual tradition, today I look back on the year that has passed and apologize to my own mom for "crimes" that I most likely violated when I was five years old based on my own motherhood experiences this year.  Deep breath, here it goes....

A fav picture taken on Mother's Day Last Year

Dearest Mom,

I'm so incredibly sorry for...
  • crying because I hit snooze button on my alarm clock
  • interrupting any time you sit on the toilet by screaming "I HAVE TO GO POO NOW!"
  • if i ever complained that you wore your pink polar fleece pullover too much.  I have a black one that I easily live in 4-6 months a year and it's the bomb!  Molly is unthrilled with this fashion choice.
  • poking you in the eye when I climbed into bed with you following a nightmare
  • blood curdling screams following a nightmare that kept you awake for hours
  • peeing all over the bathroom wall, repeatedly (I hope I never did this...I imagine my son and brother also owe you an apology for this gem)
  • not appreciating what a feat it is to have matching pairs of toddler socks
  • leaving the cap off of every single marker I've ever used
  • bringing home completely untouched lunches because "I'm totally over that food mom!"
  • stealing food off your plate and being so completely adorable about it that you just take it
  • splashing in the tub (at least that partially solves the peeing on the wall issue)
  • loving messy craft supplies that involve glitter
  • setting off toy bombs directly before company arrives
  • never, ever flushing
  • leaving a path of painful toys for you to step on
  • wiping my chocolate ice cream hands on the wall "to get them clean"
  • coming to cuddle you only to let out an epic fart (and now using the word fart because I know you hate it - I meant "wind" I swear)
  • shoving my sibling to the ground because they beat me in a race
  • insisting on being carried to the car at five years old
  • inviting random kids I just met to sleepovers 
  • using your jeans as my own personal towel and tissue
  • sneezing in your face
  • gifting you or dad broken glass that I painstakingly collected with my bare hands
  • eating garbage food I found on the car floor (who am I kidding, your car floor has always been immaculate - that would never happen to you)
  • refusing to wear a hat/ gloves or a warm jacket and then complaining to my teacher about how cold I am all day long
  • saying "sawy" semi-sarcastically when you call me on my crap
  • asking for more of something and then refusing to eat or drink it
  • complaining about epic hunger five minutes post bed time
  • at least a dozen other things I've forgotten

P.S. Still not sorry for the black lipstick I wore as a teenager

P.P.S I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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