Monday, 31 July 2017

Santa Baby: Our Trip To Santa's Village

Along with their report cards the minions got little coupon books, as did all Ontario children, to help them enjoy some summer attractions at a discount.  One of the coupons in the booklet was for Muskoka attraction, Santa's Village in Bracebridge Ontario.  Since I'd been to Santa's Village as a kid, as had Chris, we decided it was high time for Molly and Jack to visit Santa in his "Summer Home".

This park is a great place for kids age three to ten to dip their toes into the water to theme park attractions. We ended up spending a good five to six hours there (including a stop for lunch) and there were only tears once (Jack's) when I wouldn't carry him back from a ride - it got a little brutal with the time outs but we made it through.  Just like regular Christmas, admission to Santa's Village comes with a fairly hefty cost. General admission is $34.95 per person, so even with our $5 per person coupon, admission alone was $120 for a family of four (special thanks to grandma and grandpa for covering the cost of a ticket to help us with this rather pricey day).

Santa's Splash Pad

While the grown-ups were a little nervous, the kids had so much fun on the Christmas Balls Ferris Wheel

Growing up I remember riding on the swans with my parents, so I really enjoyed my "girl time" with Molly on the swan

Molly loved that the swans looked as if they were about to kiss

While we paddled around on the swan, Jack, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa paddled this boat around the pond 

An introduction to kiddy coasters was a success

Riding Santa's Summer Sleigh (a boat) on the river, complete with great tunes and donuts was one of the highlights of our day!

Santa's Village was fun enough to go back to again, but pricey enough that it won't be on our "every year" summer bucket list.  The favourite ride of the day from the kids perspective was Santa's Sleigh roller coaster which was led by Rudolph. I regret not being better prepared with snacks for the kids since food lines were lengthy, but the price for lunch at the park wasn't that bad.  It was great to travel back to memory lane from our own childhoods, and watch Molly stress about not knowing what she wanted for Christmas when meeting Santa.  At Grandpa's suggestion we simply encouraged her to thank him for last year's Christmas gifts.

Kids get complimentary elf hats when they meet Santa, who routinely walks around the park for photo opportunities and high fives.

We were happy to cross this off the summer bucket list and enjoy a balmy day in the early 20's at Santa's Village.

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