Monday, 18 September 2017

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my 39th birthday.  Hardly a milestone birthday, but a birthday none the less.  With this year, I have people asking me quite a bit about the looming big 40 - and how I feel about it.  So far, my anxiety level about those two numbers is quite low.  In my friend group some people have already launched into their 40's, some with more stress about the mid-life marker than others.

Back in January I began running again.  This is something that I hadn't done since when I was placed on modified bed rest when I was pregnant with the minions and I genuinely missed it.  The difference between beginning a running program in my late 30's compared with my late 20's is that my focus was on running without giving myself an injury, whereas before I'd be completely results focused. So far, so good.  Slowly, I built up my stamina and now I run three to four times a week usually as a midday break from sitting at my laptop working on freelance assignments.

As spring approached I started debating signing myself up for a run.  A lot of the dates in the spring and early summer conflicted with vacation and other family events.  So when I found out that there was a craft beer 5KM run on my birthday I asked Chris if he wanted to join me.  Chris wanted some added motivation for stepping onto the treadmill, and it was my birthday wish so he agreed.

A refreshing sampler in the shade

The run was a non-competitive event, on a really hot day, and I'll admit that I was worried I'd perform much worse than I have done on recent solo runs - even though the only person I was competing against was myself.  I didn't break any records or anything - but I managed to complete the run in the goal time I had set, and Chris jogged by my side, cause it was my birthday after all.

Following the run, we ate a bagel and banana each, drank some water and then we enjoyed our four beer samplers and the summer weather.  It didn't take long before I was itching to get back home to spend the rest of my birthday with the minions.  When I returned home we played, we cuddled, I took a nap, and then we had a bbq together, and red velvet cupcakes (made by Chris and the kids).  After dinner we watched some of my favourite classic Looney Tunes together, before we tucked in for a story and bed.

As Molly was getting ready for bed, she ran up to me and apologized for not remembering to ask me about my run.  She then asked, "Did you win mamma?"  I confirmed that I had.  She gave me a high five and a hug.  What a simple, but great way to ring in 39.

While I don't plan on signing up for a half marathon any time soon, I think I am going to be checking out some more runs to complete in my 39th year, particularly if there is beer at the finish line.

I am so thankful for this birthday and can't wait to see what changes and memories this year brings me and my family.

The last sips before heading home

Cheers to 39!

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