Monday, 11 September 2017

Wonderwall - Our Trip To Canada's Wonderland

Sometimes a splurge is worth it.  This was the case for our day at Canada's Wonderland - Only we didn't know the return on our investment until after the day was over!

There's a couple more weeks left until summer is officially over, so we're still knocking the items off of our summer bucket list.  We had received coupons with their report cards for $12 off admission and I thought that would make things a lot more affordable (little did I know that this discount only applied to adults and parking alone would cost $22).

We still had some money left over from Nana and Papa for the minions birthdays, so thankfully we could use that towards a really great day, with a really hefty price-tag. With our discounts adult admission was still $58 and $45.50 for each child.  So when you include a pizza lunch (because there is no outside food allowed within the park gates), two drinks which we all shared and the promised funnel cake they'd try, a day for a family of four costs close to $275.00 (YOWZA!)  If you want to save a bit of cash you can bring a picnic, you just need to leave the park to enjoy it.

I now totally understand why people pay a little bit more to secure a season's pass, because it is worth it, but at this point we didn't know how the kids would fare at Wonderland, so it wasn't worth the gamble.  But for anyone interested in going, they currently have a deal going on where you can purchase a 2018 season pass and get one entry for this fall.

The kids were so excited to ride the red baron
Jack decided it would be fun to zip up his hoodie and pretend to be Dr. Scorpion for many of his ride experiences at the park. Which was pretty amusing for us to watch.

Flying high on the Great Pumpkin
Dr. Scorpion rides again
Chilling with Peppermint Patty

Checking out the iconic waterfall with Aunt S.

The trip was great, and the kids had a blast.  We really got to explore some roller coasters with them, and both kids love rides.  Favourites included the Ghoster-Coaster, and The Fly.  Both liked taking Thunder Run through the mountain, however there was some hesitation about going into the dark and seeing the dragon.

I'm on the fence as to whether or not this goes on our bucket list for next year, although both kids have said this was the most amazing day ever, so odds are we'll get a little more organized and make another visit next September, pay a few more bucks, and end up with 2019 season passes for our little thrill seekers.  Or I'll be keeping an eye out for a killer Groupon deal.

What are your favourite annual traditions with your kid?  What are their favourite theme parks?  I'm always looking for suggestions!

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