Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Lego House - Our Trip to Lego Land

As a part of our ongoing quest to experience more and acquire less items, we gifted Jack an experience gift this Christmas.  We're going to continue to practice this type of gifting with the kids more often because it was such a success.  When we asked Molly if she wanted to join us for a day at Lego Land or a pyjama party with her aunt K, she chose her girlie day.  Everyone was happy and we were able to enjoy some one on one time with Mr. Jack.

Here are 10 tips for A Successful Trip to Lego Land Vaughn 

Merlin 2.0
A High Five for Merlin 2.0

  1. Check for coupons or book your tickets ahead to save money.  We were able to get discount tickets through Groupon that also got Jack a free Nexo Knights figurine.  Total cost for the three of us worked out to around $60 with the two coupons.  Regular admission for kids 3 and over and adults is $24, so be sure to clip your coupons.
  2. Read the fine print on the coupons or have the proper coupon app loaded onto your phone.  For whatever reason one of our tickets didn't print and we had to pay full price for one admission for one of us.
  3. Let your child lead you.  There was a really cool looking playground, but Jack wasn't interested in going in because adults weren't permitted and he didn't want to go solo.  He didn't feel like he was missing out, so we checked back in before we left to make sure there wasn't anything else he wanted to do.
    Hanging out with daddy on one of the rides
  4. Wait until lunch time to go on the Knight ride or when the lines appear shortest.  You pass by the knight ride when you first enter, so many people are tempted to line up right away, even if they arrive with a huge crowd.  We waited until a lot of people were eating lunch to line up and only spent twenty minutes waiting
  5. You can bring your own food it you want to save a bit of cash, but if you don't want to bother, food prices are pretty reasonable.  We were able to get cheese pizza, chocolate milk, ice tea, a hot dog, a grilled cheese sandwich, and a bag of chips for $16.12.

    Practicing some shoddy architecture at the Earth Quake Table
  6. The earthquake table is a lot of fun.  Be prepared to be way more excited about it than your child is.
  7. Your child may not appreciate the beauty of the same Lego sculptures as you do, but make sure you take a minute to really look at the artistic craftsmanship of some of the Master Builder's art.
  8. The Lego "Movie" is totally worth the wait, and is 4D, meaning they blow air at you and shoot you with pretend kragle!  Lining up about 10-15 minutes before show time should guarantee you a spot on most days.

    3D Glasses on and Ready to go!
  9. Cold weather, no problem. There are some coat racks for free use with the honour system.  So put your valuables in your pockets and enjoy walking around without having to hold bulky gear.
  10. Be prepared to exit through the gift shop and temper your child's expectations accordingly.  We had a no buying toys in January rule that we made an exception for jut at Lego Land.  Jackie knew this and spent some of is saved up allowance on a Lego Key Chain and a couple of mini figs.  

Inspecting Lego Yoda

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