Monday, 5 February 2018

A Hazy Shade Of Winter - Guide To Outdoor Fun On Cold Days

Winter isn't something that you can exactly plan for.  So when we saw that our annual winter trip was going to be on a weekend where the temperature was about to plummet, we decided to up our preparedness and hope for the best.

Last year's tubing in adventure was successful-ish, but since both kids were so cold by the time we finished that they had frozen tears all the way to the car.  This year that wasn't going to happen.

9 Tips For Making Winter Activities Fun For Kids
 (No Matter How Cold It Is Outside)

Tubing fun

  1. Check there outerwear for repair and replacement.  I crack in the bottom of a boot can go unnoticed at recess, but probably won't make it through a dedicated winter activity.  You can get decent ones used at a thrift shop or on discount mid-way through the season.
  2. Two pairs of socks are essential to help keep everyone's feet warm.
  3. Speaking of doubling up, two pairs plus a spare works on gloves.  This way when Molly soaked her outer layer of gloves I was able to easily replace them with a dry pair of over-sized cozy mittens.
  4. Those mitten and toe warmers are life savers - We bought a ten pack of each.  They're called Hot Hands and you can get them at Canadian Tire, Marks Work Wearhouse and some Dollar stores (and no, sadly I don't get affiliate dollars when people purchase them)
  5. Layer up their clothes.  We went with leggings, thermal lined jeans, snow pants, 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeved shirt, and a sweater for each kid.  I ordered special fleece lined belaclavas online, but unfortunately they still haven't arrived, so we'll have them for the next time we're outdoorsing. 
  6. Know their limits.  Last year we pushed the kids further, because we'd bought unlimited snow tubing passes and knew the kids needed 8 runs down the hill to make it "worth it".  This year we bought five passes per kid, and ended up giving away one of Molly's and mine to her cousins since she was getting chilly.  Sometimes it's better to leave them wanting more than it is to have them frustrated, wet, and cold.
  7. Bribe them with a treat.  We offered all of the kids hot chocolate with ALL OF THE MARSHMALLOWS in our suite's Jacuzzi as a reward for sticking it out.  They loved it and the time in the Jacuzzi.
  8. If your heart is set on something that the kids may not be into or capable of participating in with you, trade off with other grown ups.  Chris was able to go Fat Biking in the snow with a friend while I watched the kids, and then later I hit the gym and the sauna.
  9. Praise them of their successes and remind them of their limits.  Molly was anxious to go skiing next year like her older cousins.  We reminded her that until she can last more than an hour in the cold without throwing in the towel we were parking that idea, and she's good with it.
Stay Warm & Active! 

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